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Learning from Social Studies


Reading Comprehension Activities:
[Knowledge; Comprehension; Application; Analysis]
Read online resources targeting answers to questions about Paul Revere. (print sheet)
Read and answer questions about the Revolutionary War Period presented in an "Online Scavenger Hunt". (print sheet)
Read and answer focused questions about the Revolutionary War Period.

Reading Activities: Primary Source Documents
[Comprehension; Application; Analysis]
Transcribe this advertisement that Paul Revere once ran in the local newspaper. [Comprehension; Analysis]
Read and analyze the content of these ads that women ran in a 1700s Boston newsletter. Create an ad for "your character" using the same format. [Comprehension; Application; Analysis; Synthesis; Evaluation]

Pre-Writing Activities: (Graphic organizers)
[Comprehension; Application; Analysis; Synthesis; Evaluation]
On a piece of paper, create a web of Paul Revere's life using the bold categories.
On a piece of paper, create a timeline for Revere's part of the ride on April 18, 1775.
On a piece of paper, using the crafts books available in our classroom, create a chart focusing on 3 trades from the 1700s.
Create a family tree for your "colonial simulation" character.
Create a timeline of your "colonial simulation" character's involvement in events of1770, 1773, 1775, 1776, and 1789 in Boston. [early 1700s | late 1700s]

Writing: [Application; Analysis; Synthesis; Evaluation]
Recalling the life and events of the 1700s, create the family background for your "colonial simulation" character. When did your family emigrate? Why?
Using varied writing domains, describe your involvement or your family's involvement in Boston daily events such as the closing of the Boston port (1775), the trashing of Gov. Hutchinson's house (1765), Boston Massacre (1770), the Boston Tea Party (1773), the battle at Concord (1775), the battle at Bunker's Hill (1776), the evacuation of the British from Boston (March, 1776), the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the visit of President George Washington to Boston. (1789)
Create a biographical sketch about Paul Revere.

Writing: [Application; Analysis; Synthesis; Evaluation]
Challenge at Valley Forge
If You Lived In Colonial Times challenge

Literature: [Comprehension; Application; Analysis; Synthesis; Evaluation]
Using the "Midnight Ride" by Henry W. Longfellow, on a piece of paper, recreate the rhyming pattern for the first four stanzas. (AABB)
Read "Paul Revere's Boston" by Beryl Epstein. Answer the comprehension and interpretive questions.
Read "Paul Revere" by Joyce Milton. Answer the comprehension and interpretive questions. Target two character traits which distinguish Paul Revere's life as he interacted with his family, with his workers, and with his community.
After reading "The Fighting Ground" or any book based on a war, create a "War Is . . . " poem.
Read "The Fighting Ground" by Avi. How does the main character change his view of war?
Read "Ben and Me" by Lawson. How does the story told from a mouse's point of view change our perspective of what happened in history?

Videos: [Comprehension; Application; Analysis; Evaluation]
View "Johnny Tremain" based on the book by Esther Forbes. Gather information about the daily life and culture of 1700s Boston.
View "1776". How do Adams and Jefferson affect the outcomes of the meetings?

Mathematics: (Problem solving) [Analysis]
Organized list:
Chores combinations -
single combination
(print sheet)
Organized list:
Chores combinations -
multiple combinations
(print sheet)
Organized list:
Herbs combinations -
multiple combinations
(print sheet)
Organized list:
Tradespeople in the
(print sheet)

Mathematics Logic: (Problem solving) [Analysis]
(print sheet)
Women's chores
(print sheet)
(print sheet)
Patriot Births
(print sheet)

Mathematics: (Problem solving) [Analysis]
Targeting combinations:
Rocks hit targets
(print sheet)
Combination chains:
Target chains
(print sheet)
Draw a picture:
A Spy's Mission
(print sheet)

Mathematics: (Computation; Problem solving) [Application; Analysis]
Using the "Mathematical Study Sheet" and online Revere Family Tree resources,
or the Revere Family Tree available in class,
compute the information using a hand-held calculator
or the computer's calculator.

Mathematics: (Data analysis; Graph creation) [Application; Analysis]
Negroes of Dorchester and Roxbury graph 1 and graph 2 (challenge)

Social Studies Product: [Comprehension; Application; Analysis; Synthesis; Evaluation]
Biographical sketch creation * about Paul Revere.

Music: [Mob Action Parody to "Yankee Doodle"]
Parody - "Yankee Doodle"

Science: [Comprehension; Application; Analysis; Synthesis]
Frogs life cycle

Technology: [Comprehension; Application; Analysis; Synthesis; Evaluation]
Email - Send me a Boston Postcard of a historical site Paul Revere might have visited.
Include a message about it.
Design a certificate for Paul Revere following directions to complete the certificate. (ClarisWorks Assistant)
Create a KidPix file showing a mechanic at work or an event from 1700s Boston.

Art: [Comprehension; Application; Analysis; Synthesis]
Locate a picture of "yourself" in the Trades Books. Color the picture. Pose for a photograph. Your face will be pasted over the face of the original picture.
Gravestones and symbols visible on 18th century mortuary art in Boston.
Design an original gravestone for a relative of your "colonial simulation character" using the symbols of 18th Boston.
Using crayons, originate a page for our class-created Colonial Alphabet Book. Use "...If You Lived in Colonial Times" for ideas.
Using crayons, create a sign which will hang in front of your shop.
"Paul Revere's Ride" illustrated by Grant Wood

Resources and Research: [Comprehension; Application; Analysis]
Read colonial resources.
Research the mob actions leading to the Revolutionary War. [Connect: "The Boston Coffee Party"]
Research the battles of the Revolutionary War.
Sign your indentured contract.
Sign your marriage contract.
Sign your freedom papers.

Onsite Visits: (The People and Places Program)
[Comprehension; Application; Analysis; Evaluation]
Experience "From Meeting Place to Resting Place" at the Old South Meeting House and Granary Burying Ground
Experience "Paul Revere: The Man Behind the Myth" at the Paul Revere House.
Experience "The Revere Children" at the Paul Revere House.
Experience "If Buildings Could Speak" at Faneuil Hall and the Old State House.
Experience "Families and the Revolution: Patriots in Town: The Reveres" at the Paul Revere House.
Experience "Families and the Revolution: Patriots in the Countryside: The Adamses" at the Adams Homestead in Quincy.
Experience "Voices of the 18th Century: Phillis Wheatley, Mother of African-American Literature" at the Old South Meeting House.
Experience "Merchants and Farmers in Battle" at Bunker Hill Monument.
Experience "Shipwright Skills" at Salem National Historic Site.

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