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We Appreciate You, Paul ! !

Strand 3/Writing: Students employ a variety of formats and utilize technology to complete and enhance their work (synthesis)

With your knowledge of Paul Revere's accomplishments from having visited the Paul Revere House and having read and discussed "Paul Revere, Messenger of Liberty" by Joyce Milton and "And Then What Happened, Paul Revere" by Jean Fritz, design a certificate for Paul Revere.

Use the template assistant in ClarisWorks as a guide, but your text should be creative.

The text must be based on Paul's personality attributes but might be serious or poke fun at him in a humorous way. [Example: From the False Teeth Society for saving people from embarrassing moments; from the Horse's Union for care given the horses during long rides; from the Sons of Liberty.) This is a playful activity and is not meant to change history.

To make the certificate, use ClarisWorks on a PC or a Mac.

Follow the directions using the following path on the computer:

  1. Open Clarisworks
  2. "New" file
  3. "Word Processing" - - Click "Use Assistant or Stationery" in the box
  4. Scroll down the menu to "Certificate" and click "OK"
  5. Follow the steps using "Next."
  6. Decide whether your certificate will be for "Merit," "Appreciation," "Achievement," or "Membership"
  7. While creating the certificate, you may edit text blocks and create your own words using the "A" tool.
  8. The assistant will ask you to provide text data. It will ask you for your border preferences. It will ask you if you want the certificate to appear on paper held vertically or horizontally. Finally, it will allow you to change portions of text blocks before you save it on disk.

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