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Westward Expansion
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1804 - Lewis and Clark Expedition (challenge)
(Student character interpretation)

Presidency of Thomas Jefferson

1838 - Trail of Tears (challenge)
Presidency of Martin Van Buren

1812 - Fort McHenry (challenge)
(Student character interpretation) | (Illustrated interpretation)

Presidency of James Madison

1843 - Oregon Trail (challenge)
(Student characters 1 and 2 interpretations)

Presidency of John Tyler

1811 - Steamboats / 1850 - Mississippi Steamboats (challenge)
(Student character interpretation)

Presidency of Millard Fillmore

1846 - Donner Party (challenge)
Presidency of James Knox Polk
1817 - Erie Canal (challenge)
Presidency of James Monroe

1848 - Gold Rush (challenge)
(Student character 1)
Presidency of James Knox Polk

1822 Santa Fe Trail (challenge)

1840s - 1860s - Mormon Trail (challenge)
1830s - Textile Mills (challenge)
(Student character 1 and character 2 )

Presidency of Andrew Jackson

1860 - Pony Express (challenge)
(Student character interpretation)

Presidency of James Buchanan
1836 - Fall of the Alamo (challenge)
(Alamo site)(Online story)

Presidency of Andrew Jackson

1864 - Transcontinental Railroad (challenge)
(Student character interpretation)
Presidency of Abraham Lincoln

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