Interpretative observation of a Pony Express rider, Sherman O'Brian (AKA Tiana B.)

Riding the Pony Express

Sunday - April 1, 1860 - Day 1

Today I got picked to be a Pony Express rider. I was very happy because I would make money. Riding was not so bad. It was just the weather. That is why I brought an extra hat and an extra bandana. There was a lot of help on my first day. People would run up to me and take their mail because they would be happy to get their mail. They also knew that this was a race so they helped out some of the riders. This made me happy because I really wanted to win. Some things made me mad, like when my friends passed me and I was really trying to get in front of them. But I figured out a way to go faster.

Monday - April 2, 1860 - Day 2

I enjoy being a Pony Express rider because the women flatter me and give me kisses, cakes, cookies, and different kinds of breads. This is only my second day. I guess the other women that know me give me compliments while they are bonding with their other friends.

Tuesday - April 3, 1860 - Day 3

Today I don't have much to write about so therefore I am not going to say anything. Before I stop writing, I am going to put my bandana over my mouth and nose because I am heading out and it looks like there is a dust storm. I am heading towards the plains area.

Wednesday - April 4, 1860 - Day 4

Today I met a man named Johnny Fry. He is a well-known rider. In fact, he was the first rider out of St. Joseph on April 3, 1860.

Today there was a girl on the path. She was a close friend of mine. She was helping us by riding up alongside us with another horse so that we could hop from one horse to another. This means that I did not have to stop, get off my horse, and remount. As I was going, it felt as if somebody was watching me and I felt kind of strange.

Thursday - April 5, 1860 - Day 5

I met a new friend today. His name is Bob Joe. Johnny Fry says that you are never supposed to trust people with two first names. Speaking of Johnny Fry I haven't heard from him lately. Normally he would write to me and I would date it and put it in my journal. Anyway, Bob is a very nice person. Bob was so nice he was the one who gave me the tip and told me that if I was riding I had to be safe because of the Indians. They would be out trying to hunt and they would shoot anything that ran across their path.

Friday - April 6, 1860 - Day 6

Today I came across another friend. His name is Leonard Max. He was my teacher when I was going to The Best Writing School. He told me the same story that Bob told me about the Indians and I said to him, "I know about that, but thanks anyway."

Saturday - April 7, 1860 - Day 7

Today was the day that I rode past an Indian. I saw him and his tribe hunting so I grabbed my gun, jumped under my horse, and screamed, "Come on baby. You can do it!" He saw me and shot but my horse was too quick for the tribe.

Sunday - April 8, 1860 - Day 8

Today is the best day of my life. I met my future wife. She was at one of the stops. I knew I had a chance with her so I just asked her if she wanted to get married. She said, "Sure. I would love to marry you. Besides, I need someone to help me take care of my 13 kids." I told her that when the Pony Express was over, we would start planning the wedding.

Monday - April 9, 1860 - Day 9

Today I don't have anything to talk about in my journal because today was a really backed up day.

Tuesday - April 10, 1860 - Day 10

I don't have anything to talk about again except that there was a huge rainstorm and my horse and I stopped and slept at on of the stations. We also ate and we drank a lot of liquids including the rain from the rainstorm. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! That was really funny.

Wednesday - April 11, 1860 - Day 11

Today we found out that the Pony Express was only going to last for fourteen months. I was very sad because then I would not have a job and I need one because I will soon be married and I will have to take care of my wife and her thirteen kids but I won't have anything to support them with.

They said that the Pony Express was only lasting for fourteen months because people were building telegraph poles and the telegraph would deliver news faster than the Pony Express.

Thursday - April 12, 1860 - Day 12

Today is the last day for me and I was almost finished my route. It was my last day because while I was riding I fell off my horse because she was going too fast and I hit my head. I also had a concussion.

I told my friends and now I am leaving. This is the last journal entry that I will be writing.

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