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A Focus on Paul Revere

PRINT A COPY of this Scavenger Hunt. Fill-in the answers on this sheet.
  1. Complete the questions related to the reading of Paul Revere's family tree. ( Answers)
  2. From Sarah Revere's gravestone in the Old Granary Burying Ground, how old was she when she died?
  3. Who were Paul's parents?
  4. When was Paul Revere born?
  5. After returning from which war did Paul Revere take over his father's customers?
  6. When Paul Revere advertised the move of his shop from Dock Square to the Cornhill section of Boston, what types of products did he stock for his customers?
  7. Who wrote the poem describing the ride of Paul Revere on the night of April 18, 1775?
  8. Where in Boston is one of Paul's largest bells which still rings?
  9. Transpose the advertisement explaining the services of Paul Revere as a dentist.
  10. Read the deposition of Paul Revere explaining the events of his ride from Boston to Lexington.

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