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A Mathematical Study of Paul Revere's Family

Student Background Content: Acquiring and interpreting data from a family tree. [Analysis]


The Family Tree of Paul Revere [ Revere Family Tree (PDF file)

PRINT A COPY of this "Mathematical Study - Paul Revere's Family."
Using the family tree, fill-in the answers on this sheet.
A calculator might be helpful.
These are the answers.

Paul Revere Primary Document Kit ( Biography)

Paul Revere's Goldsmith Shop plaque photo

Paul Revere as a silversmith

Portrait of Paul Revere by John Singleton Copley (1768) ,

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA

Gravesite of Paul Revere

Paul Revere's Ride (Larger image)

Take a virtual ride with Paul Revere

Images of Paul Revere's Ride

The Night of 18th April 1775 at the Old North Church

1775 - Boston Environs Resources

Paul Revere Dentist Advertisement
(Larger image)

Deposition of Paul Revere
Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston, MA

Other deposition images

Boston Massacre - 1770 black and white

The Boston Massacre Trial - 1770
at the Old State House

Boston Massacre Images ( Primary Document Kit)

Gravestone of Sarah Revere, 1773
Granary Burying - slate

Gravesite of Paul Revere

The Bloody Massacre - 1770 - in color

Boston Athenaeum , Boston, MA

Granary Burial Ground - Gravesite of the 5 victims

Liberty Bowl
Collection at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Old North Church

Paul Revere and Son Bells and Cannons

Engraving of Boston Harbor
Paul Revere, 1768
Boston Athenaeum Collection

In 1802 Paul Revere's foundry in Canton, MA
replaced the original leaking shingles of the dome
with copper sheathing to help protect against leaks .
The dome of the Massachusetts State House
is currently gold leaf.

Fevret de Saint-Memin 1804 portrait of Paul Revere,
Museum of Fine Arts Collection

Portrait of Rachel Walker Revere
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA

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