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Regional Tall Tale America

Tall tale heroes are larger than life. They face hardship in a the plot that involves exaggeration and humor. (Hero, Hardship, Humor, Exaggeration)

Student-created tales
from 5th graders in Boston, Massachusetts

Original Booklists and resources

Nature-related tales

Johnny Appleseed of Massachusetts

Sea-related heroes

Barney Beal of Maine
Bowleg Bill
Ocean-Born Mary of New Hampshire
Ichabod Paddock
Alfred Bulltop Stormalong
John Tabor

Farm-related tall tales

Febold Feboldson

Forest-related tall tales

Paul Bunyan, lumberjack
Tony Beaver, lumberjack

River-related tall tales

Annie Christmas, riverwoman
Sally Ann Thunder An Whirlwind Crockett
Mike Fink
Sal Fink
Jim Higgins

Steamboat Bill

Firefighting-related tall tales

Big Mose
Oil-related tall tales

Gib Morgan
Kemp Morgan
Strap Buckner

Railroad-related tall tales

John Henry
Casey Jones
Railroad Bill

Steel-related tall tales

Joe Magarac

Frontier-related tales

Daniel Boone

Jim Bridger
Davy Crockett

Wild West Legends

Kit Carson
Buffalo Bill Cody
Calamity Jane
Wild Bill Hickok
Jesse James

The Tall Tale in the West

Pecos Bill
Slue-Foot Sue
Sweet Betsey from Pike *
Windwagon Smith

Edward Teach
Jose Gaspar
John Lafitte

Other tall tales

Ichabod Crane and Rip Van Winkle
Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn
Brer Fox
Bess Call, strongwoman
John Darling
Sam Patch, jumper

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