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Regional Tall Tale America

Tall tales include larger-than-life heroes from a specific region in a story where there is a hardship, exaggeration, and humor in the plot.

Collections of American Tall Tale Stories

John Chapman (Johnny Appleseed) (1774 - 1845)
(Massachusetts) [orchard worker]

Barney Beal (Maine)

Tony Beaver (West Virginia)
[axe-swinging lumberjack]

Big Mose (New York)

Bowleg Bill (Wyoming/California/Massachusetts)
[tuna fishing conqueror of the horse mackerel; broncobuster]

Ol' Gabe (Jim Bridger) (1804 - 1881)(Yellowstone)

Strap Buckner (Texas)

Paul Bunyan (Maine/North Dakota/northern states)
[lumberjack and logger]

Bess Call (Essex County, New York)
[1830s strongwoman]

Annie Christmas (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Davy Crockett (1786 - 1836) (Tennessee)
the 1836 Texas Revolution]

Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind Crockett (Mississippi River Area)

John Darling (1809 - 1893) (Catskills, New York)
[New York farmer; California goldminer]

Febold Feboldson (Nebraska)
[popcorn balls]

Mike Fink (Ohio River)
[Mississippi keelboatman]

Sal Fink (Ohio River)
[1820s-1840s "Mississippi Screamer"]

Jose Gaspar (Tampa, Florida) [LEGEND]
[pirate] [Gasparilla Festival]

John Henry (Virginia)
[Southern railroad worker]

Jim Higgins (Tennessee)

Casey Jones (John Luther Jones of Cayce, Kentucky)
[railroad engineer]

Joe Magarac (Pennsylvania)
[Hungarian post-Civil War steelworker]

Gib Morgan (1842 - 1909)(Pennsylvania/Texas/So. Am./Fiji Islands)
oil man

Kemp Morgan (Oklahoma/Louisiana)

Ocean-Born Mary (New Hampshire)

Ichabod Paddock (Nantucket)

Sam Patch (Massachusetts)

Pecos Bill (Texas)
[cowboy raised by coyotes]

Railroad Bill (Alabama)

Slue-Foot Sue (Texas)

Steamboat Bill (Missouri)

Capain Alfred Bulltop Stormalong (Cape Cod, Massachusetts)
[New England sailor]

Sweet Betsey from Pike (Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, California)
[westward movement during the 1849 gold mining period]

John Tabor (Nantucket, Massachusetts)
[sailor who experienced the "Nantucket sleigh ride"]

Jean Lafitte
[New Orleans pirate]

Edward Teach (Blackbeard) (North Carolina) [LEGEND]

Windwagon Smith
[sailor on the plains]

Other Tall Tales and Legends