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All right, gumshoe. Having read "Paul Revere" by Joyce Milton, having visited the Paul Revere House, having read "And Then What Happened, Paul Revere" by Jean Fritz, and having used other primary and secondary sources from the Revolutionary Period, complete a biographical sketch about Paul Revere's life.

Paul Revere Biographical Sketch


  1. Gather information from Joyce Milton's biography and any other sources as you take notes and organize them by categories. in an outline or another graphic organizer.
  2. Gather information about the following categories in Paul's life.
  3. Gather background information about the major details of Paul's life: time, setting, personality traits, family values and experiences while growing up as a young child.
  4. Identify any major events in Paul's life as an adult.
  5. Identify historically significant major events which occurred during Paul's life as an adult and how he was involved in those events.
  6. If accessible, attempt to accurately identify the views or opinions of various people in or around Paul as an adult. Explain how the community respected him and his contributions to the community.
  7. Identify what ideas and/or opinions were considered important and valuable during the time Paul Revere lived.
  1. Put yourself "in the shoes" of Paul Revere who is the subject of your biographical sketch. (First person report)
  2. Explain the biographical information and events in chronological sequence.
  3. Describe the historical time in which your person lived in an historical context, considering any values or beliefs of that time; political challenges of that time (war, misunderstandings) and economic/money-related conditions.
  4. Include a final section where you, as Paul Revere living in the 1990s, explain what relevent contributions you would be making to your community in the 1990s based on the values and experiences you had while living during your time in the 1700s.

Self-edit your work.
Peer-edit a classmate's work while they edit your work. Make one edit related to descriptive words.
Recopy your work.

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