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Writing Based on Historical Fiction

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The Winter at Valley Forge by James E. Knight

In journal form, Corporal Toby Grimes relates the winter at Valley Forge in 1777.

Read the journal entries, keeping notes or creating a graphic organizer which gives evidence, page by page, of the hardships caused by either nature, the Continental Congress, citizens from the colonies, or the British soldiers. From the information you gather, as a fictitious colonial soldier camped at Valley Forge, relate 3 specific hardships of the times and how people survived or suffered from those hardships.

Paragraph 1 - A background paragraph including the author, title, setting, genre, and who your character is while experiencing the events.

Paragraph 2 - A thesis statement detailing what you, as the soldier, intend to relate in the following paragraphs.

Paragraphs 3, 4, 5 - Three different paragraphs relating three different hardships (cite references) suffered by you or fellow colonial soldiers at Valley Forge and how people survived or suffered from those hardships.

Paragraph 6 - A closing paragraph which expresses your view or opinion about how facing those hardships affected your view of war.

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