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Mission: to target educational goals through inquiry-based strategies

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Content: Blackline masters - Using word searches, hidden messages, analogies, anagrams, and creative puzzles, students will learn about history while they apply critical-thinking skills. This resource provides students with opportunities to organize and analyze information and to draw conclusions. Extension activities promote practical, informative, narrative, and expository writing skills to help meet the standards. 112 pages [LW405 - From Caravels to the Constitution - $13.99]

The pieces of the Inquiry Unlimited educational puzzle.

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Observe how this elementary school educational practitioner made curricula connections while sharing online teacher-created projects and student-created products using her original URL links organized around the Dewey Decimal System in Eureka and Eureka US History and Eureka Science.

A Miss Rumphius Award recipient who practiced at the Joseph Lee School, Boston, MA.

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