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Science Curiosities
from Eureka! Inquiry Unlimited

a constantly changing URL database with content relevant to elementary school curriculum

    Amphibians, fish, snakes [Frogs, toads, salamanders, alligators; sharks, rays, full-boned fish; snakes] ( Frog literacy activity )

    Archaeology and anthropology including paleontology and dinosaurs ( lessons )

    Astronomy * ( lessons *; poems *)
    Planets, moon, stars, meteorites

    Biology *
    Body systems, genetics, pathology (disease)

    Birds *

    Botany *
    Parts of plants, seed bearing plants, dicots, monocots, gymnosperms

    Calendars *
    Local time, location

    Chemistry * ( lessons * and crystals *)

    Environment and Ecology
    [ Applying science in the classroom: rainforests *; population and ecosystems resources *; desert poems *; creating a regional artifact box *]

    Geography * [ In the classroom, supported by: poetry * resources; songs *; travel buddy * projects

    Geology * - Physical features, eruptions (volcanoes), mass movement, wind, frost, glaciers, water, types of rocks
    Invertebrates *
    Sponges, corals, jellyfish, sea urchins

    Insects *
    Moths, butterflies, bees, spiders, ants, worms ( Applying a study of butterflies * to a Funpages project | Insect Matching * Quiz)

    Mammals *
    Rodents, marsupials, marine mammals, land mammals, primates

    Mathematics * ( generic lessons * | applied to Revolutionary War * period )

    Science museums, collections, exhibits, zoos *

    Oceanography *
    Oceans, ocean floor, currents, water bodies

    Physics * (lessons *)
    Optics, light, heat, electricity, magnetism

    Shellfish *
    Clams, snails, lobsters [ Books about: lobsters * ]

    Technology [ Supporting:
    online projects *]

    Weather (meteorology *) (lessons *)
    Air mass fronts, clouds, predicting weather

    Lesson plans * - Boston Curriculum Frameworks ideas, useful science related resources

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