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Astronomy and Space Sciences -
Dewey 520

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Astronomy resources
Celestial mechanics *





Astronomical Equipment *

Magnetic compass
Celestial bodies and phenomena *

Solar system
1. Moon * and eclipses
2. Individual planets *
3. Meteroids *
4. Solar wind
5. Comets *
6. Sun * and eclipses
7. Stars *
8. Satellites * and rings


size, shape
orbits and motions (rotation, zodiac * )
seasons * and time zones (standard time and daylight savings time)
sunrise and sunset tables

Mathematical geography

Positional astronomy *

map reading

Celestial navigation

Determination * of latitude and longitude

Applying * the use of latitude and longitude
Calendars *

Arithmetic and astronomical
solar and lunar calendars

Time * around the world

local times
Learning about astronomy

Astronomy & Space Sciences - Dewey 520

Guides, indexes, databases of astronomy resources (520.2)

Celestial mechanics - Dewey 521

Techniques, equipment, materials - Dewey 522

Specific celestial bodies & phenomena - Dewey 523

Parts of the solar system (Dewey 523.2)

[Views * of Ptolemy Nicholaus Copernicus (1473-1543)]

The Moon (Dewey 523.3)

The Individual Planets (Dewey 523.4)

Meteoroids, solar wind, zodiacal light (Dewey 523.5)

Comets 1 2 (Dewey 523.6)

Sun and eclipses (Dewey 523.7)

Stars (Dewey 523.8)

Satellites and rings, eclipses, transits, occultations (Dewey 523.9)

[unassigned - Dewey 524]

EARTH (Astronomical geography) - Dewey 525

Mathematical geography - Dewey 526

Celestial * navigation * - Dewey 527

Ephemerides 1 2 - Dewey 528

Chronology (Calendars and Time) - Dewey 529

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