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Literacy Rainforest Books in Literature

  1. Jungle Drum by Deanna Wundrow (Amazon)
  2. The Shaman's Apprentice by Lynne Cherry (Amazon)
  3. Where the Forest Meets the Sea by Jeannie Baker (Australia) (videorecording)
  4. Journey of the Red-Eyed Tree Frog by Martin and Tanis Jordan (Amazon)
  5. Enora and the Black Crane by Arone Raymond Meeks
  6. Jaguar in the Rain Forest by Joanne Ryder
  7. The Tree in the Forest by Tim Vyner
  8. Jaguarundi by Virginia Hamilton
  9. The Rain Forest Counts by Lisa McCourt
  10. Rain Forest Babies by Kathy Darling (Codman Square) QL112 .D37 1996
  11. Into the Rainforest: One Book Makes Hundreds of Pictures of Rainforest Life by Nicholas Harris
  12. Predators in the Rain Forest by Saviour Pirotta
  13. Animals of the Rain Forest by Stephen Savage
  14. Bats, Bugs and Biodiversity: Adventure in the Amazonian Rain Forest by Susan Goodman (QH112 .G66 1995 Codman Square)
  15. Brazilian Rain Forest by Alexandra Siy (Codman Square QH112 .S58 1992)
  16. Life in the Rainforest: Plants, Animals, and People by Melvin and Gilda Berger
  17. Rainforest Animals by Michael Chinery (Codman Square QL112 .C55 1992)
  18. Here is the Tropical Rainforest by Madelein Dunphy
  19. The Rain Forest by Billy Goodman (Codman Square QH541.5.R27G63 1991)
  20. Rain Forest by Barbara Taylor (Codman Square QL112 .G73 1992)
  21. Rain Forest by Fiona Macdonald (Codman Square QH86 .M235 1994 )
  22. A Unit About Tropical Rainforests by Debby DePauw (Codman Square QH86 .D47 1993x)
  23. Nature's Green Umbrella by Gail Gibbons (Codman Square QH541.5.R27 G52 1994)
  24. Explore a Tropical Forest by Barbara Gibson
  25. A Rain Forest Tree by Lorien Kite (Uphams Corner)
  26. Welcome to the Greenhouse by Jane Yolen (Codman Square PICTURE] YOLEN, J)

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