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The Home of
Looney 2000
with 5D4 at the Joseph Lee School
Boston, MA

Looney Lobsters' 2000 Travel Adventures!

Looney Latavia

    Looney Latavia, Latavia dear! We placed you into your box to travel to Brunswick, GA in late January, 2000. You told us of your adventures while working on map skills. Then
    O n to Kansas City for area and perimeter . . . Missouri style, along with a dose of Stone Fox, a trip to the Nelson Art Museum, and a celebration of Leap Year!
    O h, Latavia, only in Cajun Country in Abbeville, LA would you milk a cow, eat boiled crawfish, and hear the adventures of Harry Potter!
    N ot in Boston but in Memphis, TN would you learn of Grahamwood's cave trip and going spelunking from students who had just finished taking achievement tests.
    E xcited by the traveling, Looney, you saw the world's largest buffalo in Jamestown, ND!
    Y et moved on, yearning to keep traveling and making new friends, on to Brooklyn Center, MN and then to Port Jefferson Station, NY and the beach with spider crabs before returning home to us in Boston.

Looney Linda

    L inda, oh, Linda! What was it like in Wasilla, Alaska at the start of the Iditarod? What was YOUR favorite Alaskan animal when given the
    O pportunity to study the animals of that state?
    O n your visit to the plains of Hays, Kansas where our penpals live, remember the heart dissection,
    N ew experiences at Camp Leadership
    E arth Day, the Heimlich maneuver, and being mentioned on cable television before
    Y our travel ending in Elgin, Illinois at Sea Camp in Florida and then returning to Boston.

Looney Lucy

    Lucy, oh, Lucy! Where did YOU roam?
    On to Shaktoolik, a checkpoint on the Iditarod sled dog race.
    O h, the excitement of dog sled racing, and seeing their original Little Red Riding Hood play!
    N ext, on to Greenlawn, NY for sea animals, family photos, and magnets.
    E xciting times in Miami Beach, Florida and
    Yet again being placed in your travel box to return to Boston, thus, ending your travels for the school year!

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