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Looney Latavia


Kansas City, MO
Looney has been visiting with Mrs. Jett's 5th Grade class in 
     Kansas City, Missouri.
Our geometry unit in math included area and volume so we
     measured Looney’s travel box.
On February 29th we let Looney sit on the stump with our
     frog for "Leap" Year.
Next week we are visiting the Nelson Art Museum and we
     previewed works of Frederick Remington and George Caleb
     Bingham with Looney.  Bingham is a local artist.
Each student read to Looney from our novel, Stone Fox, and
     we were all saddened by the story's end.
Your precious Looney is on her way to Louisiana now, but we
     hope our classes will stay in touch.

Thank you for sharing!
Visitation 5th Grade

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