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Looney Linda
Hays, KS

    L ately Looney has been visiting 5th graders in Hays, Kansas.
    O utstanding is the word the Wilson Elementary students used to describe their feelings about Looney.
    O one of Looney's first and most exciting experiences was being on the Wilson New Briefs just after she arrived.
    N ot only was Looney learning at school, she also visited the homes of different kids.
    E xcelling as a leader, Looney traveled with nine students for Camp Leadership where she became part of a hard-working team.
    Y ou're sure to have fun with Looney too.

    L ung dissecting is one of the activities Looney enjoyed while staying in Hays, Kansas.
    O n the plains of Kansas, Looney the Lobster roamed.
    O ur class was happy to meet Looney, a friend of our Boston penpals.
    N ever-ending adventures included the RIF (Reading is Fundamental) book handout, Camp Leadership, and meeting new people.
    E nergetic Looney traveled around the school learning about Earth Day, the Heimlich maneuver, the Orphan Train, WWI and II, fractions, and the human body.
    Y eah! Looney has been a great visitor!

    L ife-like Looney has traveled from Alaska to us, and soon onto Illinois.
    O h! What a wonderful time Looney had with the marvelous fifth graders.
    O nward she'll go from our windy small town of Hays to make new friends.
    N ews briefs on the local cable channel shared details of Looney's visit.
    E veryone enjoyed Looney's company while learning.
    Y oung Looney will hopefully have lots of information to take back to Boston. Good luck, Looney!

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