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Announcing . . .
Looney 2000
with 5D4 at the Joseph Lee School
Boston, MA
Our original project announcement read: Host our traveling mascot, Looney Lobster for 1-2 weeks beginning in February, 2000 and ending in May, 2000 as Looney begins a fourth year of meeting new friends. Keep Looney in your classroom. Let Looney participate as a class member while you experience new daily classroom challenges in mathematics, reading, science, and social studies. Let Looney log-on with you as you share two original cyberwritings by email with us. We will share two original writings based on interests we are pursuing. One writing must be an acrostic poem which weaves around the name "Looney." The other writing is of your choosing. We will create a webpage archive of our shared writing.

Host class responsibilities:

1. Receive Looney's traveling box, unpack Looney, and keep Looney safely in your classroom for one-two weeks.
2. Allow Looney to sit-in on the brainstorming, drafting, and editing of your original writing.
3. Allow Looney to log-on with you as you send an email Looney acrostic poem related to classroom experiences.
4. Allow Looney to log-on with you as you send an original writing of your own choice by email to us.
5. Repack Looney in her traveling box.
6. Send Looney by Priority Mail to Looney's next classroom host site.

Sample acrostics:

    L ooking forward to a fourth year of travel, Looney,
    O ur cuddly, traveling, crustacean, mascot prepares to leave
    O ur 5th grade class in Boston. Looney will meet
    N ew friends and be a member of
    E ach host class that shares new learning experiences with us during this 2000 school
    Y ear and sends those writings through email to us for an archived webpage of writings.

    L ately the Whipping Boy was
    O ne of our reads, which then led
    O n to "The Kid in the Red Jacket."
    N ow we prepare to follow Milo as he
    E nters Dictionopolis and Digitopolis through the tollbooth
    Y earning to no longer be bored!

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