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Vocabulary Enricher - Inquiry Unlimited

Name: _____________________________ Date: _____________________________

Group members: ______________________________

Book/Text: ____________________________ Assignment: page _____ - page _____

Your job is to find vocabulary words from the reading that you feel are powerful, puzzling, or unfamiliar. Identify the page, paragraph, and the word. Look up the definition of the word in a dictionary so that you will be prepared to read the definition of the word, a few synonyms, a few antonyms, and identify the wordās part of speech for the group. After you introduce your selected words to your group, create an activity that engages your group members in using the words you have selected. (Bingo, Iām Thinking of a Word, Find A Word on Page ___ that means ____)

Also bring a Level 6 (Evaluation) type question for group discussion.


Page # Paragraph #



Synonyms and antonyms

Part of speech



















































Assignment for tomorrow: page ___ - page ___ Your next role: ___________________

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