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Connector - Inquiry Unlimited [ Evidence Cards ]

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Connector: Your job is to find connections between the book/text your group is reading and the world outside. This means connecting the reading to your own life, to happenings at school or in the community, to similar events at other times and places, to other people or problems that you are reminded of, and to other events, people, and places in literature. You might also see connections between this book and other writings on the same topic, or by the same author. There are no right answers here. Whatever the reading connects you with is worth sharing!

Also bring a Level 6 (Evaluation) type question for group discussion.

1. For a game-related connection, create a Connector Cube for group member use for this portion of the reading. Have a list of the pages and paragraphs from the reading that give evidence of what you included on the Connector Cube.

2. For an oral presentation of your connections, make a list of the pages and paragraphs that you found in this reading with other people, places, events, or authors.

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