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Discussion Director - Inquiry Unlimited


Name: ____________________________________ Date: __________________

Group Members: ______________________________________________________

Book/Text: _____________________________ Assignment: page __ - page ___

Your job is:

1) to direct the sequence of today's discussion

2) to prepare for and to organize the group discussion of level 6, 5, and 4 questions

3) to keep the group discussion going by encouraging group members to respond to each other's ideas.

4) to gather the evaluative forms from group members at the end of the session

5) to organize the role assignments for the next session

Usually the best discussion questions come from your own thoughts, feelings, and concerns about the text as you read it. With this in mind, prepare 3 possible discussion questions or topics for today using Level 6 (evaluation), level 5 (synthesis), or level 4 (analysis) categories.

1. ______________________________________________________________________

2. _____________________________________________________________________

3. _____________________________________________________________________


Contributions to the sequence of the discussion should include:

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