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U.S. History and Geography Grade 5 - Mass. Frameworks

A look at Boston: her history and culture

1. Early America and the Americans (Beginnings to 1650) a. The setting: geography and resources of the western hemisphere through (poems), songs, fiction and non-fiction

b. Native Americans: differing economics and politics; peace and war

The Adena Culture (1000 B.C. in Ohio Valley)

Mound Builders of southeastern USA area (c. 1000 B.C./B.C.E. - A.D./C.E. 1000)

Anasazi Culture of the southwestern USA area

Mississippian Culture

c. Major European societies, rivalries: 15th and 16th century explorations
d. African geography, societies, politics; backgrounds of the slave trade [Africans in the Americas ]

e. First encounters between Americans and Europeans; the consequences (encounters)
Woodland Period in North America

f. Early English settlements and daily life in Massachusetts (the colonies)
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