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Video Component Description

Looney99 project

Our "not to exceed" 2 minute 1/2" VHS Class Introduction using STANDARD PLAY (SP)
(The purpose of our tape is to share regional dialects.)

Plan to mail it to me so that I receive it before: October 23, 1998.

Recording format: Record using STANDARD PLAY (SP)

Length: Not to exceed 2 minutes!!! This is a must! (27 participants x 2 = 54 minutes on a 60 minute tape)

Introductory visual marker: Begin your segment with some kind of visual frame identifying your city and state with the scheduled week Looney will be visiting you. Example: Boston, MA, October 26 - October 30, 1998. In addition you might want to include your class, grade, and school name as a marker. When I use the editing equipment to create the cumulative videotape, I will scan to look for these visual markers to know when to begin and end participant segments. I plan to follow the sequence of our Looney's travel schedule so that participants might "pop in" the tape each week.

Ending visual marker: End your segment with a visual marker sign. Example: "End Boston, MA, October 26 - October 30, 1998"

Deadline: Your taped segment should be in Boston, MA before October 23, 1998.

Idealistically, I hope to schedule and be allowed to use editing equipment at an off-school site, after school hours, during the week of October 26, and to send out the completed tapes as I get them finished. This is your last pre-project responsibility and the one probably considered to be the "nightmare, procrastinating" requirement.

If you are "out-of-your element" with videotaping, set up a video camera with the beginning and ending signs and treat us with your students reading and/or showing what you mentioned in your Mystery Clue! Please, adhere to the deadline!

What to mail: Mail your "not to exceed 2 minute" VHS, STANDARD PLAY (SP) segment to me in a mailing pouch along with a self-addressed, stamped mailing pouch for me to send you the "cumulative" project videotape which I will place over your original videotaped segment on the tape you sent to me.

Where to mail it: Marjorie Duby, Joseph Lee School, 155 Talbot Avenue, Boston, MA 02124

What to include on the videotape: Share your region with us rather than your daily school schedule. Create a "regional show and tell" of what your students feel is relevent to others not familiar with your region or city. Consider sharing artifacts or pamphlets of tourist interest. Or . . . treat us with your students reading and/or showing what you mentioned in your Mystery Clues!

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