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War Is . . . . .

(Student perspectives of war from the point of view of a mother, an orphaned boy, a soldier, a parent, or a young man going off to war.)

(Connection: The Fighting Ground by Avi - - November, 1998)

      War is sending your son off to fight, not knowing if he has enough power or might.
      War is a thing that makes you shake inside. It makes you wonder if you will come out alive.
      War is a happy thing with a lot of joy, just think of the musket as a toy.
      War is a spirit that seeps inside, but when you think of it, it makes you want to hide.
      War is a thriller just like a roller coaster,
      When you get on it get closer and closer.

      by Faren F.

      War is alarming and you have to get away quick.
      War is lethal and you have to know the dangers of it.
      War is devastating and you don't know if you're going to die.
      War is momentous and an arousing thing.
      War is not spellbinding and it is no good.

      by Samantha L.

      War is harmful, purposeless, and pointless.
      War is deadly, yet it is the earnings of a man.
      War is glamorous and pretty, not even a bit scary.
      War is a deadly game and very dreadful to one whose life is glamorous or pointless.
      War is life-threatening. It does not make your life good.

      by Ariana R.

      War is like a nightmare.
      Why can't they learn to share.
      War is a gateway to death.
      War is like a prison, trapped in it forever.
      War is a spirit taking lives away.
      Never is a person safe . . . never.

      by Thao T.

      War is a life-threatening thing for an orphaned boy.
      War is a hateful thing.
      War is pointless.
      War is a dreadful thing.
      War is trying to take over someone else's land or property.

      by Dante R.

      War is terrible. It makes you shake inside.
      War is sending your son to kill and not knowing if he will come back alive.
      War is not great. War is not good. It can hurt your family and can hurt you too.
      War is scary and sometimes unfair but you don't have to war if you are not going . . . . at all.

      by Lisa L.

      War is deadly. You only get killed.
      War is chaotic. Many people die.
      War is purposeless. There is no point.
      War is pointless. It has no meaning.
      War is no good.

      by Terrence P.

      War is sending your young boy to fight in the war knowing the dangers that can happen to him.
      War is knowing that something can happen but not understanding why.
      War is pressuring the soldiers by saying, "Are you ready to do a good job?"
      War is very scary, knowing that your parents might not come back.
      War is a hard job and needs good people in order to win.

      by Tiana B.

      War is fun because you get to hold a gun.
      War is a game where someone can get hurt or die.
      War is useless because someone can die.
      War is scary because it is very deadly.
      War is when you get hurt.
      War is fun because you get to kill all the soldiers.
      War is not right because everyone has a right to live.

      by FDB D.

      War is sending your son off not knowing whether he is going to be dead or alive.
      War is knowing you have been in the war knowing the dangers and seeing your son go through it.
      War is exciting battle, sort of like a contest.
      War is ordering and commanding soldiers to do a good job at winning the battle.
      War is a hard, long journey that takes good people to do the job.

      by Jasmine H.

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