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The project description: Paired classes collaborating on the creation and solution of colonial situations using electronic communication.

Simulation options: a New England, a middle, or a southern colony

Sequence of required activities for the simulation:
Modeled paired collaborators: a NEW ENGLAND colony and a MIDDLE colony


Optional cross-disciplinary individual classroom activities:

The teacher acts as a member of the colony and directs the simulation based on the content that is desired for an outcome. The challenges and obstacles set the framework for the simulation. The classroom teacher supports the simulation with background information and classroom curriculum content for the theme. The classroom teacher adapts the simulation to fit the needs of the age, grade, or program area of the participants.
    Task - to prepare a colony profile
    Written experiences:
    • Who are you? Who are your family members? What is your family background?
    • Describe your experience at the fire in the Meeting House
    • Describe a celebration or tragic event that happened to your character or a member of your family
    • Describe what happened to you, your family, and your town during the time of "the great sickness."
    • Describe how your character interacted on March 5, 1770 on King Street.
    Art activities:
    • Design a sign for the store/shop of a family member
    • Design a gravestone for a family member or friend

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