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Correspondence with King Charles II and Parliament
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To the Proprietors of Massachusetts Bay Colony and Newportia Colony:

On this 24th day of February, in the year of 1763, I hereby grant you both a charter to establish and govern a new British Colony in the land called America. This charter is granted under the following conditions:

1. As a token of gratitude for the land which your King has so freely granted you, each colonist shall pay the Crown a weekly tithe which is to represent 10% of their income. As proprietor, you shall be responsible for collecting this fee.

2. It is understood that each colony's major purpose is to support the British Empire by providing an adaquate supply of raw materials to the Crown. You may start other businesses and industries as the need arises, provided they DO NOT INTERFER WITH THIS MAJOR PURPOSE.

3. All colonist are considered to be British subjects, and therefore are subject to obeying all current and future British laws. The Crown does grant you the right to establish the laws and regulations required to maintain a civilized colony, however no colonial law may superceed or supplant British Law. The Crown retains the right to nullify and void any laws which it feels conflict with British Law.

4. All British Colonies are open to any British citizen who wishes to reside there and follow the guidelines of this Royal Charter.

5. The Crown understands that it has a Royal responsibility to provide support and protection for all of its colonies and their citizenry. Therefore, the Crown will entertain all reasonable requests for protection provided they contain adaquate proof as to the threat or danger to their persons and/or possessions.

6. Failure of the Proprietors to heed and observe any of the guidelines contained in this charter will be considered treasonous with appropriate punishments to be enforced. The Crown reserved the right to appoint a replacement governor in the event of such a severe violation of the heretofore mentioned guidelines.

The Crown is pleased that the proprietors and their colonist are willing to undertake such a hard task and it wishes you luck in your endeavor. Your hard work and noble efforts will do much to support the wealth of the British Empire, earning the respect of others in the realm.

God's blessings on you all,

His Royal Majesty

King Charles II

Ruler of Great Britian & Its Colonies

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