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Brain Boosts

Original Puzzles for Leisure Fun

For background in learning style research, see the interactive activities pursued
at the Stanley Senior Center, Waltham, MA - Council on Aging, Waltham, MA sessions of "The Playful Mind"

Exercise your mind as you would exercise your body.

Core elements of a healthy brain lifestyle: nutrition, socialization, spirituality, physical activity, and mental stimulation.*

* Why not look into these books and resources:


Activity: Tangram
Benefits: Geometric thinking; Visualizing spatial relationships; Mental rotation skills; Eye Tracking

Activity: Word Boxes
Benefits: Eye scanning; Word recall; Vocabulary
Student-created Artifact Word Box

Activity: Alphabet Letter Code
Benefits: Codes; Problem Solving; Logic
Student-created Alphabet Letter Code

Activity: Letter Equations
Challenge: Pattern recognition; Categories; Logic
Letter Equations

Activity: Jigsaw Puzzle - Visual Thinking
Benefits: Hand-eye coordination; Fine motor skills and dexterity; Visual scanning; Visual problem solving; Focus and attention

Student-created jigsaw - Put Boston Back Together

Activity: Who Are We - Logic Puzzle
Benefits: Logic; Problem solving
Student-created Visual Logic
Who Owns What? - - A Standard Logic Puzzle

Activity: Add A Letter Ladder
Benefits: Word Reconstruction; Vocabulary
Student-created Ladder Puzzle

Activity: Missing Letters - reconstructing words
Benefits: Word flexibility; Word reconstruction; Information retrieval

Alphagram - Rabbit-Proof Fence
Alphagram and Word Search - The Horse Whisperer
Broadway Alphagram

Activity: How many squares?
Benefits: Whole and part visualization; Visual discrimination; Geometric Logic

Checkerboard Squares

Activity: Find the Cats near Faneuil Hall
Benefits: Visual perception; Eye scanning
Student-created Find the Missing Cats

Activity: Phrase Finder
Benefit: Word search; Word Reconstruction; Word Retrieval

Staying Sharp

Activity: Strategy Games
Benefits: Logic; Problem solving; Cognitive Complexity; Information Retrieval

Activity: Word Search Puzzles
Benefits:Information retrieval; Word recall; Focus and attention; Eye scanning

ORIGINAL SAMPLES of Word Searches based on novels:
Skipping Christmas by John Grisham
Snow Falling on Cedars by David Guterson
The Horse Whisperer

Activity: Crostic
Benefits: Word recall; Analytical connections; Information retrieval

Illustrated puzzle
- Boston - A Crostic Puzzle

Activity: Code Word Puzzle
Benefits:Information retrieval; Word recall; Logic; Eye scanning

ORIGINAL SAMPLES of Codeword Puzzles:
Codeword - Fall Theme Puzzle
Codeword Book to Film theme

Activity: Figure Logic Puzzle
Benefits: Number fact recall; Analytical connections; Logic

ORIGINAL SAMPLES of Figure Logic Puzzles:
Figure Logic 1 - Puzzle
Figure Logic 2 - Puzzle

Activity: Crossword Puzzles
Benefits:Information retrieval; Word recall; Focus and attention; Problem solving

ORIGINAL SAMPLES of Crossword Puzzles:
Old Boston
New England
North America
Broadway Musicals Crossword

Activity: Illustrated word puzzle
Benefits: Word recall; Analytical connections; Information retrieval

ORIGINAL SAMPLE of Illustrated Word Puzzles:
Illustrated puzzle - Boston Beckons

Matrix Logic Puzzle
Benefits: Analytical reasoning; Problem Solving; Observing patterns

ORIGINAL SAMPLES of Matrix Logic Puzzles:
Colonial Tradesmen | Colonial Chores | Apprentices | Patriot Births

Activity: Missing Objects
Benefits:Analyzing visual similarities; Problem solving; Eye focus

ORIGINAL SAMPLES of Missing Patterns:
Logic with pictures - Food

Activity: Sorting Money using Logic
Benefits:Logic; Mathematical Reasoning

ORIGINAL SAMPLES: Student-created - Money Sorting

Activity: Word Sudoku - Use letters: D I C S F O H M V

Benefits: Problem solving skills; Improve focus and attention to contiguous blocks

ORIGINAL SAMPLES of Word Sudoku Puzzles:
Colonial Boston Word Sudoku
Word Sudoku - based on Sudoku - Easy | Word Sudoku - based on Sudoku Medium

Activity: Reconstructing Words
Benefits: Logic; Reasoning

Four-Fit 1 (PDF)

Activity: Anagrams - Use letters: K A K I H = KHAKI

Benefits: Problem solving skills; Reconstructing words

ORIGINAL SAMPLE of Jumble Puzzles:
Jumble Variation About Australia

Activity: Reconstructing Words
Benefits: Logic; Reasoning

Fill-In Broadway (PDF)
5-Letter Fill-In Broadway Song Titles (PDF)

Activity: Syllables

Benefits: Reconstructing words based on meaning

ORIGINAL SAMPLE of Syllacrostic Puzzles:
Syllacrostic Broadway (PDF)

The Playful Mind is a work in progress originating from Inquiry Unlimited. Material was organized for discussion at the Council of Aging, Waltham, MA in the Stanley Senior Center.
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