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The Playful Mind

from Inquiry Unlimited

Exercise your mind as you would exercise your body.

Core elements of a healthy brain lifestyle: nutrition, socialization, spirituality, mental stimulation, physical activity.*

Notions for discussion


Leisure Fun - Brain Boosts from Waltham, MA - Council on Aging at the Senior Center.


Activity: Tangram
Benefits: Geometric thinking; Visualizing spatial relationships; Mental rotation skills; Eye Tracking

Activity: Magic Square
Benefits: Visual pattern recognition; Spatial reasoning; Arithmetic calculation

Activity: Visual perception - illusion
Do you see the young lady? Spot the older lady?
Benefits: Attention; Visual illusions; Alternating between 2 views

Activity: What comes next?
Challenge: Logic; Number sense; Pattern recognition; Word Recognition

Activity: Jigsaw Puzzle - Visual Thinking
Benefits: Hand-eye coordination; Fine motor skills and dexterity; Visual scanning; Visual problem solving; Focus and attention

Jigsaw - Put Boston Back Together

Activity: Toothpick Math
Benefits: Visual-spatial reasoning; Logic; Problem solving

Activity: Dominoes
Benefits: Visual sequencing; Problem solving; Logic

Activity: Anagrams - Word flexibility; jumbles
Benefits: Word flexibility; Language deconstruction and reconstruction; Information retrieval

Variation - Jumble About Australia | Alphagram - Vocabulary from Rabbit-Proof Fence

Activity: How many triangles?
Benefits: Whole and part visualization; Visual discrimination; Geometric Logic

Activity: Same and difference
Benefits: Visual discrimination; Focus; Eye scanning

Activity: Folding Boxes
Benefit: Geometric thinking; Spatial rotation; Mental manipulation

Activity: Strategy Games
Benefits: Logic; Problem solving; Cognitive Complexity; Information Retrieval

Activity: Crossword Puzzles - Humor
Benefits:Information retrieval; Word recall; Focus and attention; Problem solving

Old Boston | New England | North America | Crostic - Boston |

Activity: Illustrated word puzzle
Benefits: Word recall; Analytical connections; Information retrieval

Illustrated puzzle - Boston Beckons

Matrix Logic Puzzle
Benefits: Analytical reasoning; Problem Solving; Observing patterns

Colonial Tradesmen | Colonial Chores | Apprentices | Patriot Births

Who Owns What? - - A Standard Logic Puzzle

Activity: Missing Object
Benefits:Analyzing visual similarities; Problem solving; Eye focus

Activity: Sudoku
Benefits:Pattern recognition; Logic; Eye scanning; Attention and focus

Colonial Boston Word Sudoku | Word Sudoku Easy | Word Sudoku Medium
Logic with pictures - Food

Activity: Word Box Puzzle
Benefits: Enhance vocabulary; Strengthen word recall; Problem solving skills; Improve focus and attention to contiguous blocks

ORIGINAL Playful Puzzles at Brain Boosts

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