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A Chronological History of Early 1900s Boston Immigration Documents

BOSTON'S IMMIGRATION STATION - - from Long Wharf to either Castle Island or East Boston at Jeffries Point
AND a future remembrance of the East Boston Immigration Station or it being lost?

A 2010 amended study for
the East Boston
Immigration Station

1925 East Boston Immigration Station

Jewish Cemetery Association's
Mystic River Jewish Communities Project
in East Boston, Chelsea, Everett, Malden,
Medford, Revere, Somerville, Winthrop.

1904 Narrative about
Waterfront Detainees

( two marriage cases;
penniless people)

1905 Russian Jews held
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Boston's Record Week
For Arriving Immigrants
Immigration Statistics image

1907 Record broke immigrants
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1909 Transcription of
George B. Billings Letter
"One of the great advantages Boston
is supposed to have over New York and one
which is widely advertised by the steamship
companies. . . incoming passengers are not
obliged to go to one central point
like Ellis Island."

1910 Site Visit Story Image

Immigrant Groups Arriving
Italians, Irish, English, Swedish,
Norwegians, Scotch, Portuguese,
Greeks, Russians, Hungarians,
Finnish, Danish
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New York Hebrew Immigrant
Aid Society Mission
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Personal application:
1914 Minnie Rubin Assistance

1908 Leave Castle Island
as a Park
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1910 Coming in trials Aliens
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1904 - Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society
selects representative at the wharfs
when passenger steamers arrive
in Boston
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1901 Saxonia brings in
687 steerage passengers
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1902 Castle Island -
plea to keep it as a park
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1904 Restaurant
on Long Wharf
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1910 Nagel and Pres. Taft
visit Long Wharf Station
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1910 History of Jeffries Point
at the tip of Noddle Island
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1910 Sec. Nagel visits Boston sites
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Cunard Line Dock, Boston
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1872 Cunard Line Steamship Ad
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1872 Inman Line Ad
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Jeffries Point Chosen
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Immigrants had to prove
they were not likely
to become a public charge (LPC)
They needed to have a job.
Example: Van Norden & Company,
Sheet Metal Workers

Later many became
naturalized citizens as
evidenced on World War I
Draft Registration
(Sample: Isaac Duberstein
working at Charlestown Navy Yard)

Sargent Suggests Improving Current Facilities
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