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Featuring: Literature Circle discussions and writings from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

How To Ride A Broom
by Sharee J.

    If you want to know how to ride a broom, here's how to do it. First, you get on the broomstick. Next you say "Up." Then you ride. Tap to turn sideways. Pull up to go higher. (These rules only apply to the Nimbus Two Thousand.)
    To move from side to side, pull the broom the way you want to go. (These rules are for older brooms.)

SUMMARY- Chapter 17 
by Laurie T.

It was Quirrell all along.
How could Harry be so wrong?
Under the turban that Quirrell wears,
Lies a pale face and eyes that glare.
Harry's whole body is trembling from terror.
He sees himself through the mirror.
All of a sudden, his head starts to ache.
He's back at Hogwarts when he wakes.

Point of View

Hermione - - One night, I went to the Mirror of Erised. I went into the room and saw that in the mirror I was the one who got the highest score in the exams. I also saw that I was a prefect with Harry and Ron. I saw that Dumbledore was awarding me for being the smartest. Then I saw that the school was named Hermione's Hogwart and I had lots of books that were written by me. I want to go back tonight. I also saw that I was Harry's girlfriend. YUCK! (Samantha M.)


Dear Hermione,
    Iíve heard that you are the best in everything but stink in chess. All I have to say is, that's okay. You can't be good in everything. It just isn't true so don't feel bad. Do you know how many people want to be like you? A lot, I tell you. It is natural to lose at some things once in a while. Listen to my advice. Iím not trying to be generous or make you feel better. This is the truth and you can't ignore all this. This letter probably solves your worries. (Kenti E.)


Dear Untrusting,
    Certainly you should trust Dumbledore for mainly three reasons. Both you and Dumble are wizards so Dore knows how you feel about certain things and he tries to help you as much as he can. For instance, when you were looking/touching at the mirror of Erised, you werenít supposed to and Dumbledore saw you, but he didnít tell anyone because he didnít want you to be in any trouble.
    Second of all, you should trust him even more because heís the one that saved your life. When he found out your mother, Lily, and your father, James, were dead, the first person he thought of was you. He thought about who you could live with and still be safe. Even though the Dursleys are Muggles and you are a wizard, they can take care of you the best and better than anyone else.
    The third reason is a mixture of reasons #1 and #2. He really, really cares about you or else he wouldnít have saved you, done anything for you or kept you out of trouble.
    So, if you still donít trust Dumbledore, you are the word squeezed into his name . . . Dumb. (Sateydra B.) 


Dear Hermione,
   I think your losing to Ron in chess is good for you. You act as if your life was depending on you not to lose. Well, itís not. Get a life. If you never lost in anything, you'd be inhuman. I lose in plenty of things. You get beat by people your age. I got beat in arm wrestling by a kindergartner or first grader. It's really up to you. Either accept the fact you can't win everything or study more on chess. 
   Good day, Hermione.
                             Your friend,
                             Danielle G.


Dear Hermione,
    Losing is a good thing for you because you know so much already. When it was time for you to play Professor McGonagall's big chess set, you might have argued with Ron and got all of you knocked out or you all probably would have gone nowhere. Just because you're not good at one thing doesnít mean youíre not good at others, and youíre good at a lot of things. Don't try to know everything because then people will think you are a smarty-pants. (Aaron E.)


Dear Neville,
    The way I see this is you can handle this situation 3 ways. If they keep bothering you, tell one of the teachers, They'll put a stop to it and if he doesn't stop, he'll be packing his bags. Another way is to ignore him. Every time he or one of his friends says something you donít like to you, pretend you don't hear them. Keep your mind positive.
    Finally, you could try to be friendly with him. Have a talk with him. Ask why he doesn't like you. Try to be interested in the same things as him. Try to keep him from bullying others. One of these suggestions will eventually work. (Tremayne M.)

Dear Neville,
    I am answering your letter. I think you should put up with Malfoy and his buddies because that is exactly what I would do. If I were you, I would just ignore them, or I would give them the cold shoulder. Turn your back and walk away. I just would not mind them because they are just sissies. You should not try to fight anyone because it wouldnít solve anything. I hope it will just all come back to him and his big buddies. (Brenda O.)

A Guardian of a Sacred Place by Antoinette L.

It was a hairy-looking rabbit with sharp fangs, scratchy nails, and big feet. It was hopping around with a whole bunch of others that looked just like him. They were shouting very loud.

Harry Explores by Laurie T.

    Harry lay on his bed, wide-awake, wondering who could have possibly given him the invisible cloak. So many things were going through his mind that he couldnít concentrate. He decided to go outside for some fresh air. The clock struck midnight and Harry quickly put on the invisible cloak, then sneaked out of Hogwarts. He wanted Ron and Hermione to come with him, but he knew they were already fast asleep.
    It was pitch dark outside so Harry had to carefully walk to the broomshed. Kicking hard against the ground, he reached the Forbidden Forest in no time. Flying a foot high from all the trees, Harry noticed a pair of bright, glowing eyes from a distance. He flew down to get a closer look.
    Every time Harry moved closer to see what it was, the creature moved back away. He chased it for a long time, then gave up when he couldnít see it any longer. Just when Harry turned around, the yellow eyes pounced on him pushing him to the ground.
    It was just Fang all along. Together they explored the rest of the forest. Harry noticed a path he hadnít seen before and decided to follow it. The path lead them to a beautiful area covered with green grass. Right in the middle of the grass was a mother and baby unicorn sleeping peacefully.
    The scene was so wonderful that Harry and Fang just sat down to watch. After an hour had past, Harry noticed it was getting late. Fang walked him out of the Forbidden Forest and then returned to Hagrid. Running back to Hogwarts now, Harry finally reached his bed and didnít wake up until morning.

Gryffindorís Pre-Vacation Party

Gryffindor Common Room 5:00 P.M.

Food and beverages are available

magic tricks

(Everyone is invited and bring your wands along)

Harry's Flight by Jaime B.

    I went up for a fly when it was a holiday. I saw lots of birds. I saw the Quidditch field, empty as can be. All four houses were standing tall, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and my house, Gryffindor. Little spots of kids played as I watched from the air.
    There was fresh air blowing on my face and everything looked beautiful. Then I saw an unusual sight. It was Quirrell riding a broom with Snape on his tail.
    I flew farther away so I wouldnít look like a student.
    I heard Snape shout, "Come back here, Quirrell!"
    Professor Quirrell whirled around on his broom. "No, Servus!" he shouted. "I only take order from master! I know what you're up to, and if you try anything bad, I'll go to Dumbledore. So I am warning you!"
    Then they both flew down to the ground, arguing. I quickly flew back to the Gryffindor House. I had two questions. Who is Quirrellís master? What was Quirrell doing to get Snape angry?
    Whatever the answers were, I would find out what they were, somehow.

The Quidditch Game as told by the Snitch (Sharee J.)

    I flew through the air. I pretended to be a great big ball so everyone would notice me. Then I began thinking it was up to me to win the game. I started looking for the seeker. He was out of control. I headed straight for the spot that would hold me the most. What a surprise when I entered his mouth!

Follow Harry Potter and his friends in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling. Meet the Dursleys, Harry's Muggle family. At Hogwarts, experience the moving pictures, the Sorting Hat, the mirror of Erised, the secret of the third floor corridor, and the Forbidden Forest. This is a book you do not want to miss!

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