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Abolitionism and Underground Railroad Challenge

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  1. Create a slave character who escaped to freedom and is retelling his adventures as a slave narrative for others to know
  2. Plan the publisher's page, dedication page, back cover, front cover, optional illustrations

  3. Read picture books, historical fiction books, encyclopedias for content
  4. Use the two maps containing routes for the Underground Railroad
  5. Use an accurate calendar for the year the event took place
  6. Use the suggested words related to the Underground Railroad and Abolitionism

Vary a minimum of 9 entries to include:
  1. incidents while living on the plantation
  2. incidents while traveling on your escape route
  3. incidents when you get where you are going

Word Bank:
  • fugitive - - - conductor - - - special signals and codes
  • kidnapping - - - station - - - Fugitive Slave Law
  • abolish - - - station master - - - freedom papers
  • abolitionist - - - overseer - - - Quakers
  • free state - - - slave state - - - Amish

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