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Planning and Administering

a Travel Buddy Project

Housekeeping Responsibilities

I created the basic webpage based on my goals for the project. The table itinerary worked well for what I wanted to show.

I also began to locate links of interest in the geographic areas where our Looneys were visiting.

Using electronic mail messages, I offered to include links to local sites for participants.

Prior to having access to a mailing list, for those participants who wanted them, I offered to send copies of the email messages I would be receiving from participants. I would also be posting the messages as html files to journal pages linked to our Looney pages.

For confidentiality purposes:

  1. when sending messages to the list of participants who wanted the daily messages, I used the Bc: rather than Cc: areas to respect individual addresses.
  2. On the Looney webpages, I was careful not to place email addresses of participants unless they gave me permission.
  3. I used student first names only as I placed journal replies in the "Online Journals."

I made a conscious decision before the project began not to include digitized pictures on the webpages. Participants were aware that if they sent us pictures I would use them in my class but not post them on any webpages. I did not want to deal with the time it would take to download them or the space it would take on the server.

I suggested that participants create Looney webpages if they had server access. I linked them to our Looney page. The classes from Pensacola, Buffalo Grove, and Abbeville had the infrastructure to be able to do it. That active, creative involvement is a project manager's dream and signals the acceptance of responsibility for a portion of the project.

As Looney was to arrive at a site, I alerted each receiver using an electronic mail message so that if Looney's package came into their school office and was placed "somewhere" it could be retrieved.

On the Friday ending the school week for each scheduled school, I had random students from my class send an envelope to the host site. The envelope included a "thank you" note we had prepared using Print Shop along with a map of historic Boston and information about sites on the Freedom Trail. For my students, this involved addressing envelopes.

When I gauged that the single-use camera was empty, I sent for it replacing it with a fresh camera. I had each of the rolls of film developed for a display in our learning area.

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