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~ The 1997 Online Itinerary and Journal of Looney Larry and Looney Lester Lobsters ~

A "Teaching Children Social Studies using the Internet" project

originated by retired practitioner formerly residing at the Joseph Lee Elementary School in Boston, Massachusetts
Looney Lisa Ladybug's travels (Looney97).

Our project for the 1996-1997 school year is over. Our traveling Looneys are back in Boston having traveled 22,762 miles. Through them we met many new friends and had many new experiences. Thank you to all participants. You made the project a great success for us.

Visit our 1997-1998 travel project, The Looneys Love Regional Literature."

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Mailing note: Looney is comfortable traveling First Class Priority Mail which might take four traveling days. To assure his arrival at his next destination by the Friday prior to the next class' school week, please mail him no later than Monday afternoon of the week following your school week.

Prior to January, 1997

Primary caretakers:
Marjorie Duby's 4th graders
Joseph Lee School
Boston, MA 02124 [Class webpage was located at http://lee.boston.k12.ma.us/d4/D4.html]
(Introductory entry: Boston )

Looney Larry and Looney Lester Lobster live in Boston, Massachusetts

State capital: Boston
Geographic location: 42N 71W
State nickname: Bay State

January 6 - 10, 1997

Jane Wilson's 3rd/4th graders
Williston Central School
Williston, VT 05495 [School URL]

Looney Larry's miles traveled from Boston to reach Williston: 176 miles

Journal entries - on the Nature Trail - Williston, VT

Traveler Looney Larry arrived safely on January 2, 1997.

State capital: Montpelier
Geographic location: 44N 73W
State nickname: Green Mountain State

Larry's cumulative mileage:
176 miles

January 13 - 17, 1997

Christine Graves' 5th graders
Mount Desert Elementary School
Northeast Harbor, Maine 04662

Looney Lester's miles traveled from Boston to reach Northeast Harbor:
193 miles

Journal entries - ice skating and hiking - Northeast Harbor. ME

Traveler Looney Lester arrived safely on January 10, 1997

State capital: Augusta
Geographic location: 44N 68W
State nickname: Pine Tree State

Lester's cumulative mileage:
193 miles

January 20 - 24, 1997

Ginnette Boettcher's 4th/5th graders
Washington Elementary School
Mankato, MN 56001 [School URL]

Looney Larry's miles traveled from Williston to reach Mankato: 1,035 miles

Journal entries - blizzard - 15 feet of snow - Mankato, MN

Traveler Looney Larry arrived safely on January 17, 1997.

State capital: St. Paul
Geographic location: 44N 93W
State nickname: Land of 10,000 Lakes

John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon -
Jan. 12-17, 1997

[ Homepage ]

[ Laura Ingalls Wilder | St. Paul Winter Carnival,
Jan. 23 - Feb. 2, 1997]

Larry's cumulative mileage:
1,177 miles

January 27 - 31, 1997

Dianne Shamirian's 5th graders
Davisville Elementary School
North Kingstown, RI 02852

Looney Lester's miles traveled from Northeast Harbor to reach North Kingstown: 247 miles

Journal entries - Historic Wickford Village - North Kingstown, RI

Traveler Looney Lester arrived safely on January 28, 1997.

State capital: Providence
Geographic location: 41N 71W
State nickname: Ocean State

[ The Ocean State | RI History ]

Lester's cumulative mileage:
440 miles

February 3 - 7, 1997

Kim Everett's 4th graders
Pecan Elementary School
Ocean Springs, MS 39564

Looney Larry's miles traveled from Mankato to reach Ocean Springs: 990

Journal entries - Mardi Gras - Ocean Springs, MS

Traveler Looney Larry arrived safely in Ocean Springs, MS.

State capital: Jackson
Geographic location: 30N 88W
State nickname: Magnolia State

[ Mississippi]

Larry's cumulative mileage:
2,167 miles

February 10 - 14, 1997

Rick Jones' 5th graders
Leola Elementary School
Leola, PA 17540

Looney Lester's miles traveled from North Kingstown to reach Leola: 268 miles

Journal entries - riding a giraffe unicycle; Amish country; buggy - Leola, PA

Traveler Looney Lester arrived safely on February 6, 1997.

State capital: Harrisburg
Geographic location: 40N 76W
State nickname: Keystone State

[ Pennyslvania ]

Lester's cumulative mileage:
708 miles

February 17 - 21, 1997

Mrs. Burns' 1st graders
Forest Park ElementarySchool
Fremont, CA 94555

Looney Larry's miles traveled from Ocean Springs to reach Fremont: 1955 miles

Journal entries - Chinese New Year; San Francisco; Sausalito; Chinese acrobats; 100 Days - Fremont, CA

1997-1998 Original project: Ollie and Oscar Otter's Online Odyssey

Traveler Looney Larry arrived safely on Valentine's Day - February 14, 1997.

State capital: Sacramento
State nickname: Golden State

Geographic location: 37N 121W


Larry's cumulative mileage:
4,122 miles

February 24 - 28, 1997

Mrs. Brohammer's 4th graders
Hambrick Elementary School
Stone Mountain, GA 30083

Looney Lester's miles traveled from Leola to reach Stone Mountain: 617 miles

Journal entries - Callaway Gardens,the Butterfly House, Andersonville, Warm Springs, Plains - Stone Mountain, GA

Traveler Looney Lester arrived at 2 P.M. on Friday, February 21, 1997.

State capital: Atlanta
Geographic location: 33N 84W
State nickname: Peach State

[Callaway Gardens | Butterfly Gardens | Stone Mountain Park | Golden Crescent

Lester's cumulative mileage:
1,325 miles

March 3 - 7, 1997

Hilary Cahn's 5th graders
Madison Elementary School
Redondo Beach, CA 90278

Looney Larry's miles traveled from Fremont to reach Redondo Beach: 326 miles

Journal entries - Gray whale - Redondo Beach, CA

Traveler Looney Larry arrived safely on Monday, March 3, 1997.
State capital: Sacramento
State nickname: Golden State

Geographic location: 33N 118W

Larry's cumulative mileage:
4,448 miles

March 10 - 14, 1997

Linda Miller's 4th graders
Nelson Elementary School
Columbia, SC 29223

Looney Lester's miles traveled from Stone Mountain to reach Columbia: 179 miles

Journal entries - flowers in bloom, preparing for Blue Ribbon visit, NCAA, WCOS (Country Music) - Riverbanks Zoo - Columbia

Traveler Looney Lester arrived safely on March 7, 1997.
State capital: Columbia
Geographic location: 34N 80W
State nickname: Palmetto State

South Carolina

Lester's cumulative mileage:
1,504 miles

March 17 - 21, 1997

Susan Kinsler's class
Sunrise Acres Elementary School
Las Vegas, NV 89101

Looney Larry's miles traveled from Redondo Beach to reach Las Vegas: 244 miles

Journal entries - visiting classes; salt water tank; HyperStudio stack to follow - Las Vegas

Traveler Looney Larry arrived on Friday, March 14, 1997.
State capital: Carson City
Geographic location: 36N 115W
State nickname: Silver State

[ Nevada | Tourism ]

Larry's cumulative mileage:
4,692 miles

March 24 - 28, 1997

Cathy Brandt's class
Ashland Elementary School
Lexington, KY 40502

Looney Lester's miles traveled from Columbia to reach Lexington: 340 miles

Journal entries - tour of Lexington in booklet and pictures to follow

Traveler Looney Lester arrived safely on Monday, March 24, 1997.
State capital: Frankfort
Geographic location: 38N 84W
State nickname: Bluegrass State

[ Frankfort map | Kentucky ]

Lester's cumulative mileage:
1,844 miles

March 31 - April 4, 1997

Kathy Allen's 4th graders
South Park Elementary School
Pueblo, CO 81005

Looney Larry's miles traveled from Las Vegas to reach Pueblo: 598 miles

Journal entries - at school and away from school - Pueblo

Traveler Looney Larry was picked up personally by Kathy Allen in NV and brought to Pueblo, CO.
State capital: Denver
Geographic location: 38N 104W
State nickname: Centennial State

[ Colorado | Communities of CO ]

Larry's cumulative mileage:
5,290 miles

Schedule: April - June, 1997

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