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"If You Lived in Colonial Times"

Category: Medical treatment

More people are getting sick and doctors have weird ways to cure them. As I was walking home, I bumped into Dr. Smith and Midwife Katie. I got a chance to ask them a few questions about medical treatment. As we walked down the street, I learned from Katie that she mostly uses herbs when someone is injured. I learned from Dr. Smith that he bleeds his patients if they are sick.

Katie works as a midwife for the rich Crane family in Bakersville. She takes care of them when they are ill or hurt. She told me that every time one of the Crane children gets a cut, she uses herbs to heal them. She tried using other medicine before like Lexadonic, but she thought herbs worked better.

As for Dr. Smith, he travels from place to place to where he is needed. He explained to me that he cuts open his patientās vein and lets the blood flow out. If the patient still does not get better, he would blame it on the witches. He believed that witches cast evil spells that make people sick.

After I got all the answers to my questions, I invited Dr. Smith and Katie to my house for a meal. They could not stay long because they had to return to their work. I walked them to the door and we each said goodbye.

Created by Laurie T.

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