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Focus: Rainforest Ecosystems, Biomes, Food Web

Essential question: How do the animals of the environment of the upperstory, canopy, and forest floor, interact with each other in the food chain based on their presence as a consumer, producer, or decomposer?

constant high temperature throughout the year; great quantities of water; humidity

Poetry activity

Kinkajou. . - I dreamed I was a soft, fluffy kinkajou hanging from the forest canopy slurping up nectar hungrily.

Producers: trees and plants facts and images
(Trees: lianas; epiphytes; tabebuia; jacaranda; strangler fig; banyan; rattan;
moriche palms; royal poinciana; Gabon mahogany; orchid; cecropia;
African tulip tree; cannonball tree; giant bamboo; common bamboo;
epiphytic filmy fern; staghorn fern)
[sloths eat cecropia leaves]

Decomposers: Bacteria / fungi / lichens
(polyporus versicolor; polyporus cinnabarinus)

Decomposers: Ants/termites/beetles
(wood-eating animals and recyclers)
[driver ants; army ants (eat insects, small vertebrates, frogs, lizards); fungus beetles, click beetles, stag beetles, scarab beetles]

Consumers: Insects
[tree hoppers, lantern flies]

Consumers: Spiders
pink-legged tarantula (eats millipedes, insects, sow bugs, other spiders)
carpenter tarantula (eats amphibians, lizards, snakes, small mammals, birds)

Consumers: Frogs
(titanus gigantus; Poison Arrow Frogs)

Consumers: Snakes

Consumers: Butterflies
(birdwing butterfly, ulysses butterfly, morpho butterfly)

Consumers: Birds
[scarlet macaw; blue macaw; orange-winged Amazon grallaria; green toucan (eats fruit, large insects, small lizards); trumpeters; Brazilian scarlet tanager; trogon; turacao, sunbird; hummingbird; golden-headed manakin; crimson topaz, cuckoo; woodpecker; cock-of-the rock; black-faced hawk]
[Birds of prey: flycatcher; leaf warbler; buzzard; sparrow hawk; bat falcon; Guyana crested eagle; turkey vulture]

Indices of many animals

Consumers: Creatures in the trees
(Bats, monkeys, sloths eat cecropia leaves)[long-legged bat; vampire bat]
[howler monkey; spider monkey; squirrel monkey]

Consumers: On the ground
(Cats, rodents, ungulates, mammals)
[anteater, jaguar, marmoset, peccary, tapir, agouti; coatis; ocelot; jaguarundi; puma]

Consumers: Rodents
(rice rat; spring rat; agouti; prehensile-tailed porcupine; kinkajou; marmosa; murine oppossum)

Equitorial Africa

Canopy - aboreal monkey; Diana monkey; crowned eagle; guenon; mandrill; chimpanzee; gorilla

Ungulates: forest antelope; dwarf antelope; buchbuck; bongo

Predators: leopard; civets; genets

Winged: bathawk

Army ants

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