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Migration Patterns*

Examples: Forced (Coerced) Migration

Examples: Voluntary Migration (circular, chain, colonizing)
Examples: Circular Labor Migration*
(across national borders or within the boundaries of a single country)
Examples: Chain Migration*
(migrating through networks of people who know one another)
Examples: Colonizing Migration*
(aims to establish political, economic, or military dominion over a land through the presence of soldiers, settlers, and other state representatives)

Immigration Bibliography for the Classroom

Immigration - Ports of New York City, Boston, and Galveston (photo scans)


Passenger Lists in the Classroom

The Chinese-American Experience

The Hispanic-American Experience

The Irish-American Experience

    • Ethnic Groups: Irish-Americans
      • Famine in Ireland

Women and Immigration

Government Policy Towards Native Americans Over Time

Native Proprietorship | Conquered Peoples | Sovereign Nation | Acculturation | Voluntary Removal | Involuntary Removal

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