"Letters From Looney" features Looney Lobster traveling to 1700s Boston.

Hi, 5D4 students in Boston

My name is Christopher Tucker. I was there at the Christopher Snider incident in front of Lillie's shop. Looney was with me!

The reason we didn't like the British was because they made us have curfews at night. They made us have to pay the high taxes after the French and Indian War. I thought it was a good idea to boycott the goods from England. We protested against the British because they made us pay for the things for the war. Another reason is because we didn't like the things the British did to us. Richardson got involved by trying to buy things from the person who owned the house.

I was on top of one of the chimneys right next door to where Richardson had shot and killed Christopher Snider. Looney and I saw Richardson and someone else shooting at the crowd. The only thing I could smell was the chimney I was cleaning. I heard rocks crashing against windows and other things. There was a lot of chaos and confusion that day.

I predict that the British would one day leave us alone. After the shooting there was a big funeral for Christopher Snider.

What is Looney's future?

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