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Planning and Administering

a Travel Buddy Project

Sample prepared message of rejection

Hello -

We thank you for your willingness to welcome our Looney into your classroom. However, we are sorry that we cannot accomodate your class as a host for the "Looney Lobsters on the Loose" project.

We have received many more responses for direct participation as hosts than we can schedule. Due to the fact that we are starting this travel project so late in our school year, Looney Larry and Looney Lester's itineraries are limited.

We welcome your class to follow our Looneys' adventures vicariously at "The Online Electronic Journal of Looney Lester and Looney Larry Lobster" located at

Please keep our class in Boston, Massachusetts in mind when you are creating your original travel buddy projects.

Marjorie Duby and the 4th graders at the Joseph Lee School in Boston

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Marjorie Duby
Joseph Lee Elementary School
Boston, Massachusetts 02124
Visit our webpage at

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