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Planning and Administering

a Travel Buddy Project

Firming up the Itinerary

For "The Looneys on the Loose" project, both Looney schedules had to be completed, in my case, by the last week in December for our project to begin in January, 1997. Once the boxes were mailed, we would not see our travel buddies until June!

This could have been a nightmare, but was not. I planned an itinerary which considered the least amount of weaving across the United States as possible. One Looney basically went out west and worked his way eastward back to Boston. One Looney stayed east of the Mississippi River and wended his way back to Boston.

It was at this time I found out about differing school schedules. Many schools have a March rather than an April vacation as we do in the North. Many schools end in May in certain areas because they began school in August rather than after Labor Day in September.

Prior to the itinerary being set, there were a few conflicts which were ironed out with no domino effect. I was set with my itinerary!

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