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Planning and Administering

a Travel Buddy Project

Considerations when posting the project announcement

Post the call for collaboration at least six weeks before the starting date. If you get no nibbles, you might want to repeat your call again two weeks before the starting date. Be ready to modify your project based on how many people are interested in participating.

When deciding on which day of the week to post a message, be aware that educators who pick up their mail at school might not have access over the weekend. Be aware that educators who do not have access over the weekend and pick up their mail on Mondays after the two day weekend when messages tend to have accumulated have more of a tendency to delete the message rather than reading it. If using a mailing list, I'd suggest posting the message on a Tuesday or Wednesday. If you post announcements during a vacation, you eliminate the people whose access is from school. You also eliminate those who are away on vacation. Conversely, you might get the actively involved educators who have a personal account with a service provider and keep looking for activities to do with their classes even during their vacations.

Be aware that vacation times around the USA are not the same. Be aware that many schools begin their school year in early August and end in May. Educators have a tendency to plan their time commitments for the upcoming school year over the summer.

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