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Planning and Administering

a Travel Buddy Project

Creating a call for participation

Once you have finished designing your project, craft a recruitment message.
  1. Allow for sufficient time to announce your project and gather your participants.
  2. Identify yourself; include a brief description of your project; include your purposes, goals, and objectives; specify the desired grade levels; specify how many participants you would like; specify your timeline and project deadlines.
  3. Set a deadline for participant responses.
  4. Explain how participants register.
  5. Make clear what you intend to do and what you expect others to do. If you intend to send messages to all participants, state it. If you intend for participants to send mail to each other, state it. If you would like participants to create their own webpages, state it.
Sample project postings:
  1. 1997 - "Looneys Love Regional Literature" posting
  2. 1997 - "The Looneys Love Regional Literature" posting on our website
  3. 1998 - "The Looneys Love Regional Literature" posted to Hilites
  4. 1999 - "Where In the USA Is Looney Lobster Reading?" to Reading Teacher
  5. 1999 - "Where In the USA Is Looney Lobster Reading?" posted on our website

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