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Planning and Administering

a Travel Buddy Project

Sample Commitment Message

Hello future Looney participants -

Thank you for expressing an interest in our Looney Lobster project. To review the requirements of the project, please visit our announcement site.

Before I formally accept you into the project, I need each of you to commit to the two following pre-travel requirements so that I can create and send each host class a booklet which will include the regional literature and a picture of each host class along with a travel schedule.

1. As I would like to create a regional booklist for participants which includes the names of regional literature from your area that each project participant class might aquire from local libraries for read aloud during Looney's visit to your school, I need you to create a list. This literature might include local authors, content associated with your geographic area, history, or whatever. You know best what would be of interest to others. Looney will be visiting your school for a 5 day school week.

2. In addition to the regional booklist, I would like to include a photocopied picture of the host class in each school. I believe the booklist and host pictures included in a project booklet will make the project more personal for all participants. I need you to commit to sending me a class picture through regular mail.

If you agree to these two pre-travel requirements, please respond to this message by letting me know that you agree.

I will sort through those who are still "on board" and set a deadline for the regional list of books you suggest and provide you with our school address to send me your class picture.

The actual travel project involving our Looney Lobsters will begin once these pre-travel activities are completed by you and once I have compiled the booklet and sent one to each of you.

I hope to hear from you.

Marjorie Duby

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