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Looney Larry and Looney Lester Lobsters (1998) ~

residing at the Joseph Lee Elementary School in Boston, Massachusetts

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"The Looneys Love Regional Literature Project" - regional literature: (1) is free of stereotyping, (2) focuses on individuals, showing them involved in universal conflicts or learning universal truths, (3) deals with the land as it connects with humans, and (4) sensitizes our awareness of place.

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[MA; WA; CA; HI; UT; KS; IL; MO; IA; IN; TN; MS; FL; SC; NC; VA; WV; OH; PA; LA; NY; CT; ME]

Introduction: December 8 - 12, 1997 in Boston, Massachusetts

With primary caretakers: Marjorie Duby, Joseph Lee School, Boston, MA 02124 (Class page was sited at http://lee.boston.k12.ma.us/d4/d4.html)

Overall Massachusetts titles:

School week: December 15 - December 19, 1997 in Bourne, Massachusetts

Sue Greene's 3rd graders, Ella F. Hoxie School, Bourne, MA 02532

Selected Cape Cod area titles: ideas to develop

Additional readings from the Cape Cod area:
  • "Clambake: A Wampanoag Tradition" by Russell M. Peters (1992)
  • "The Children of the Morning Light" by Manitongquat (1994)(72 ps)
  • "Cranberries" by William Jaspersohn (1991)(32 ps)
  • "Three Young Pilgrims" by Cheryl Harness (1994)(unp)
  • "Tapenum's Day: A Wampanoag Indian Boy in Pilgrim Times" by Kate Waters (1996)
  • "Sarah Morton's Day: A Day in the Life of a Pilgrim Girl" by Kate Waters (1989)(32 ps)
  • "Samuel Eatons' Day: A Day in the Life of a Pilgrim Boy" by Kate Waters (1993)
  • "The First Thanksgiving" by Jean Craighead George (1993)
  • "The Pilgrims of Plimoth" by Marcia Sewall (1986)(48 ps)
  • "People of the Breaking Day" by Marcia Sewall (1990)(48 ps)

Children's authors residing in Massachusetts:

School week: January 5 - 9, 1998 in Washington (2LA)

Karen Mensinger and Diane Wilcox's 2nd graders, Belfair Elementary, Belfair, Washington

  • "Apple Picking Time" by Michele Benoit Slawson (1994)
  • Native Americans in Washington
    • "Raven" by Gerald McDermott (1993)(32 ps)
      • Tricksters in folklore
    • "People of Salmon and Cedar" by Ron Hirschi (1996)(42 ps)
    • "Brother Eagle, Sister Sky" by Susan Jeffers (1991)
      • Chief Seattle Speech
    • "Clamshell Boy: A Makah Legend" by Terri Cohlene (1990)
  • "Moon of the Mountain Lions" by Jean Craighead George (1969)(48 ps)
    • "Come Back Salmon" by Molly Cone (1992)(48 ps)
      • Salmon facts
      • Note: Our third graders experience working at a satellite hatchery at Sweetwater Creek
    • "Volcano: the Eruption and Healing of Mount St. Helens" by Patricia Lauber (1986)(60 ps)
    • "A Horse's Tale: 10 Adventures in One Hundred Years" by Nancy Luenn
    • "No Dear, Not Here" by Jean Davies Okimoto (marbled murrelets)

School week: January 12 - 16, 1998 in California (1LE)

Hilary Cahn's 4/5 graders, Madison School, Redondo Beach, CA 90278

January 19 - 23, 1998 in Hawaii (1LA)

4th graders of Ilima Stern, Sherry Kahawaii, and Kate Castle, Hauula School, Honolulu, HI

  • Local author - "Da Grouchy Moocher Boogie Man" by Neff Maiava (Island Heritage Publishing)
  • Folklore
    • "Punia and the King of the Sharks: A Hawaiian Tale" by Beverly Moffett Mohan (1964)(32 ps)
    • "Surprising Things Maui Did" by Jay Williams (1979)(40 ps)
    • "The Woman in the Moon: A Story From Hawaii" by Jama Kim Rattigan (1996)
  • With family
    • "Luka's Quilt" by Georgia Guback (1994)(32 ps)
    • "Dumpling Soup" by Jama Kim Rattigan (1992)(32 ps)
  • "Surfboard to Peril: A Miss Mallard Mystery" by Robert Quackenbush (1986)(48 ps)
  • "Pearl Harbor Is Burning" by Kathleen Kudlinski (1991)(54 ps)

January 26 - 30, 1998 in Cedar City, Utah (2LE)

Bylynda Venuti's 5th graders, Cross Hollows School, Cedar City, Utah

January 26 - 30, 1998 in Salt Lake City, Utah (1LI)

Linda Mosbacker and Natalie Day's 5th graders, Backman Elementary School, Salt Lake City, Utah

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