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Online Journal of
"The Looneys Love Regional Literature" (1998)

project based at the Joseph Lee Elementary School in Boston, Massachusetts

Visit the itinerary and titles for read alouds to Looney Larry, Looney Lester, and Looney Lisa."

May 4 - 8, 1998 - - Kelly Elementary School, Lewisburg, PA

Ruth Roberts

Pennsylvania titles suggested for read alouds.

Tuesday, 28 April 1998 11:49:35 PDT

Early Arrival of the Lobsters

Dear Looneyers,

What a pleasant surprise we had yesterday. We were expecting Looney Larry to arrive next week. Not only did he arrive a whole week early, but his two travel-mate cousins, placed in his box by Looney 98ers in North Carolina, arrived with him. We are thrilled to have all three for two whole weeks.

A little bit of background - this is a third grade enrichment class. At the beginning of the year there was only one student in the group. Now there are five! They will all get to take the lobsters home for at least two evenings.

Lewisburg is a small town in central Pennsylvania. It is a beautiful victorian town and is the home of Bucknell University and a large federal penitentiary.

Joe took them last evening. He took their picture by the memorial by the Union County Court House. Here is his report.

"Hey, Looneyers! I was very excited to get Larry, Lisa and Lester yesterday! They rode with me on the bus and read one of my books, "Mrs. Piggle Wiggle." When we got home we went to the County Court House! I took a picture of them in front of a Veteran's Memorial! Then I took them to my brother's soccer practice and we played soccer with my friend, Abby. After that we had a popsicle and Larry, Lisa and Lester dropped theirs-oh no!

At night we watched part one of the movie, "Merlin." Then we had some French Silk cake and went upstairs to brush our teeth. After that we all went to bed in my bed with my beanie babies.

In the morning Claude, my beanie baby crab, and Larry had a boxing fight! It was a tie!

Tonight they will go home with Glenn.

Ruth Roberts and Your friends in PA

Thursday, 30 April 1998 13:33:12 PDT

The end of multiple lobster confusion

Dear Looneyers,

We were really confused when three lobsters arrived in the box, but are now straightened out. We were expecting Lester and when we opened the box and found three lobsters, we assumed that we had somehow gotten, Lester, Larry, and Lisa.

Now I know we received Lester and the two cousins placed in the box by our North Carolina friends.

I agree that the cousins need names. I would like to suggest Lewis for the boy, since they will get their names while they are in Lewisburg, but if others have better ideas, we will give them whatever names are decided upon. Let us know.

Lewisburg is a small Victorian town in central PA. It is a beautiful town. There is not much here. . . Bucknell University and a noted federal penitentiary.

Since I won't see my kids as a group until Tuesday to straighten out the names, they are treating the lobsters as though they are Lester, Larry, and Lisa and they are writing their reports that way.

Since I don't want to change their reports, you'll have to bear with our seeming confusion for a few more days.

I will be sending Glenn's, Drew's and Claudia's reports tomorrow.

This is a great project.

Ruth Roberts

Sunday, 03 May 1998 06:01:25 PDT

Hi Everyone,

Whew, I'm glad we finally know who we have. We have Lester, and the newly named cousins, Lewis and Lilly.

However, until I see them on Tuesday, my kids still think they have Larry, Lester, and Lisa, so their reports are written that way.

On Tuesday, they went home with Glenn. This is his report

Dear Looneyers,

Larry, Lisa, and Lester enjoyed their time at my house and school by drawing, playing cards, and surfing the WEB!. I found out that Larry really likes Jello! Lester likes french fries, and Lisa likes cattle.


Wednesday, they went home with Drew

Dear Looneyers,

Looney Larry and his friends are in Lewisburg, PA. Looney Larry, Lester, and Lisa helped me with some of my animal report. Then they watched me do my homework. Looney Lisa said she could do it. Could she? She could. My puppy barked at Looney Larry. Larry pinched her back in the nose. Then we had supper. Looney Lester said it was good. They thought it was really fun.


And on Thursday, they went home with Claudia

Today we went to a birdhouse in my backyard. I let the lobsters look in. Then we rented a movie. When we got up in the morning they read the newspaper.


This weekend they are with Philip, because he was having a birthday party.

More on Monday.

Ruth Roberts

Tuesday, 05 May 1998 14:36:03 PDT

Lester, and the cousins, Lewis and Lilly, spent the weekend with Philip.

"The Looney Lobsters met Pinchers, my Beanie Baby lobster. They played with him and my other Beanie Babies. Then they went to my birthday party. They met my friends and played games with us. It was lots of fun.


First when we got home on Monday, we had a snack. I had some hot chocolate and a banana. The lobsters helped to eat my banana. Later, we went to my brother's soccer practice. When we got home, we ate dinner. The Looneys had rice, chicken, salad, and some milk. Then we had some icecream and we all went to bed together. In the morning we all piled on the bus and we went to school.


The weather here in PA has been very overcast for the past few days. It rains, then the sun comes out briefly, then it clouds over again, etc.

Ruth Roberts

Thursday, 07 May 1998 17:36:56 PDT

Dear Looney 98ers,

On Tuesday, when we got home from school, we went to my friend's house to work on our Mothers' Day project. We made orchids out of paper. Then we went to get McFlurries. When we got home, we went in the hot tub. They went to the bottom to look for seaweed. Then they came up and Lester pushed Lisa and so Lewis dunked Lester. Then Lisa sat on Lewis, so I made them get out. Then we went to sleep.


Sunday, 10 May 1998 08:32:25 PDT

Dear Looneyers,

The lobsters are on their way to Ken in Highland Falls, New York. Since we were confused when we first got them, we made little name tags for them before they left.

My students really enjoyed their times with Lester, Lewis, and Lilly and I appreciated being a part of this project.

Here are the last two reports:

Dear Looneyers,

Looney Lester, Looney Lilly, and Looney Lewis are at Drew Griffith's home for the second time. Looney Lester and his family went to a medieval weapons display at Linntown School. They liked the chain mail but it was too big and heavy for them. They did get to try on a Viking helmet. They also liked the mace. I put them in my lunch box to take them home. We didn't have any homework this time. I brought Looney Lester along to soccer practice brcause he wanted to play soccer. The ball ran over him twice, but he didn't get hurt. Then I took a shower and went to bed.


Dear Looneyers,

Lewis, Lester, and Lilly love to read. They read a book about lobsters!. I got mad at them for eating my steak. After that we brushed our teeth and went to sleep. They learned to play golf. We played soccer and the lobsters won!


P.S. from Ruth. We took a roll of pictures while they were here. Will send you copies.

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