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March 16 - 20, 1998 - - Starkville, MS

Starkville Academy - Starkville, MS
Donna Hopper and Mrs. Stewart's 2nd graders

Mississippi titles suggested for read alouds.

Tuesday, 17 March 1998 11:44:11 CST6CDT

Looney Has Arrived!!!


Looney Larry has just arrived!!! I have already walked him down to Mrs. Stewart's 2nd grade class where he has been introduced. They were excited and eagerly making plans for the remainder of his week.

More to come...

Donna Hopper and Mrs. Stewart's 2nd graders at Starkville Academy

Wednesday, 18 March 1998 15:24:52 CST6CDT

Larry in Starkville, MS

Greetings from Mississippi!

Looney Larry has had an eventful time thus far. Last night he went home with Tindall. She and her mom went to Columbus, MS for a shopping trip. Columbus has many beautiful antebellum homes not to mention the malls!

After the shopping trip, she took him with her family for a swim at the hospital swimming pool. Larry was placed on a raft for a relaxing time in the pool.

Tindall reports that her dog was jealous of Larry. She also noticed that Larry is missing one side of his whiskers. Her dad almost cut horses hair from their horse's mane to use as replacement whiskers, but they decided not to because she was about to have a colt!

For breakfast, Larry ate a little plate of goldfish (Pepperidge Farm).

A big day is planned for today!

More later...

Donna Hopper and Mrs. Stewart's 2nd grade class

Wednesday, 18 March 1998 15:59:44 CST6CDT

Hello again!

The students in Mrs. Stewart's class were worried about the missing whiskers and decided to take him on a visit to the Veterinary School at Mississippi State University, which is located in our town.

Molly's dad is a veterinarian and teaches at the vet school. Dr. Hopper met the class and Larry and took them all on a tour of the school. There they saw many things and many different animals. Down in the large animal clinic the entire class stood on the large animal scale and weighed 1278 lbs!

Dr. Hopper took Larry into the examination room and looked him over carefully. Larry weighs .2 pounds! He received a clean bill of health, only missing those whiskers! The children learned that Larry is a crustacean, an invertebrate with a crusty shell. (Sea Gulls can't hurt him.) He is cold-blooded. He will be the temperature of the water around him.

Dr. Hopper also took the class into the "exotic" area where they work on the exotic animals. They saw a baby fox squirrel that was in to see the doctors.

Everyone enjoyed the Vet School and their tour with Dr. Hopper. Especially Larry. He liked the giant aquarium the best! We think he made some friends while he was there!

Back at school, Larry ate lunch with our class, but he was not happy with the selection.

Victoria, a graduate student in Library Science at the Mississippi University for Women (located in Columbus) came and read to the students. As luck would have it, the books that we submitted to read are all out of the library right now. So we substituted today and Victoria read to the students and Larry "Tops and Bottoms", a Southern-based story.

Larry also went to computer class today with Mrs. Hopper (yes, Dr. Hopper is her husband). While there, Mrs. Stewart, with a little help from Tindall and Molly, sewed on new whiskers onto Larry. We wish you could have seen his face afterwards! He was so happy to be normal again. He clapped his pinchers and did 2 back flips!!

Tonight Larry will enjoy choir with Julie at her church. Afterwards, she will be taking him to a baseball game at Mississippi State! As they left, we could hear Larry whistling, "Take me out to the ballgame..."

More tomorrow!

Mrs. Stewart's 2nd grade class

Friday, 20 March 1998 15:41:10 CST6CDT

On Wednesday night, Larry went home with Brittany. He traveled with her to Tupelo for her voice lessons. Larry was very impressed with Brittany's talent. And he really enjoyed shopping in the mall afterwards!

Back at school on Thursday, Larry watched a play about Native Americans performed by the Hampstead Players from New Jersey. He said that he learned a lot about life as a Native American and their struggles with the "New People" who were trying to take away their land.

Our school also has a traveling stuffed pet (a Mississippi State bulldog named Bully). He is traveling around the world visiting Connecticut, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Israel, South Africa, Australia, Singapore, and Japan. Each school that hosts Bully is writing in our journal about their city, holidays, traditions, religions, games and activities, climate and their schools. We have learned a lot through e-mail with our new friends in these countries.

Next Friday is Grandparent's Day at our school. This is one of the main events of our year!! For Grandparent's Day, each grade is focusing on one of the countries Bully is visiting. The second grade is decorating and studying Ireland. So Larry has been learning alot about Ireland this week and even began looking a bit green. He also helped the children look for four-leaf clovers. Only his pinchers kept snipping off some of the leaves!

Today was Molly's birthday, so Larry enjoyed a party and treats! Fun!!

All the children said good-bye to Larry. Connor is taking him home and is sending him on his way. We had a short visit with Larry since he didn't arrive until Tuesday afternoon. But it was a fun visit!! He enjoyed the books on our list and said that he had loads of fun with the children. We will all miss him!

Donna Hopper and Mrs. Stewart and her 2nd grade class!

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