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residing at the Joseph Lee Elementary School in Boston, Massachusetts

April 7 - 11, 1997 - - Pensacola, Florida

Hallmark Elementary School - Frances Hinely's 4th graders
[Looney Lester 07 - 2,392 miles traveled]

Monday, 7 April 1997 21:03:44 -0400 (EDT)

We were so happy when we stopped by the office after lunch today and found that Looney Lester had arrived! Our principal, Mrs. Fox brought him out to us and carefully opened the box. She peeked in for the first look at him and jumped back as if he had bitten her nose. We had quite a laugh about that. Of course he was safely packed in his travel bag and couldn't possibly have bitten her. Diminique gently carried him up the stairs to his class, and Denisha carried his box. We're passing around the pictures of Ms. Duby's class right now. Tomorrow we plan to take him on a trolley ride around Pensacola's historic district. We'll take our digital camera and your disposable camera. No one has written anything on the list of picture descriptions. The camera appears to have 24 remaining pictures, so I guess our first one will be #4 on the list. Looney Lester is being comforted now by the students after his three days in the mail. Donyetta put his sweater on him until he got used to the air-conditioner but we think he's feeling better now. We'll write to you tomorrow.

Ms. Hinely's 4th grade class, Pensacola, Florida.

April 14 - 18, 1997 - - Beckley, West Virginia

Maxwell Hill School - Susy Calvert's class
[Looney Larry 08 - 6,565 miles traveled]

Sunday, 13 April 1997 17:24:56 -0400

Marjorie and class,

Looney Lobster arrived last Friday (or perhaps a day before) in Beckley, West Virginia, but was not delivered to the classroom until Friday morning.

Looney is spending this weekend with two students who should report back on Monday morning what Looney has been doing.

The pictures of your class with Boston sites were wonderful! I just wish I could be there myself. It's too bad I can't be put in the box with Looney and shipped back to Boston!



Tuesday, 15 April 1997 11:45:02

Marjorie and students,

Looney is alive and well in Beckley, West Virginia. Here are three entries for her journal since her arrival. She is having a terrific, relaxing time with us.

Susy Calvert and students, Maxwell Hill Gifted Center, Beckley, West Virginia

Sunday - April 13, 1997

Dear Diary,

I have had a very busy day today. I started out playing the piano when I got up. Then I watched a little television. I got a little hungry, so I made some breakfast - pancakes which I had to mix myself. After I ate, I went out and got the Sunday paper and read it. At home, I had a little party with all my new Furry Friends. After, I went outside. As I was going, I ran into the cat, Romeo. (He has a sister named Juliette but I couldn't find her.) I had a lot of fun climbing the tree outside. I went for a ride on a bike. Boy, I went fast! After a tiring day, I sure was ready for bed. Sweet dreams! by LISA

Monday - April 14,1997

Today when I got up, I continued my study of the art of piano. For the rest of the morning I watched television. I am so fascinated by the way it works and all its gadgets. For a little while today I played SuperNintendo. My favorite game was NBA JAM TE. I played with a big dog who is very nice but very wild. The exciting thing I did was I played with three rambunctious ferrets. My favorite one was the fat one. My favorite thing I did today was play with the rabbit. He is so cool. Bye!! Bye!! by JARROD

Tuesday - April 15, 1997

The first thing I did today was take a test at school...those awful achievement tests! After that I ate a snack. I decided it might be good to visit my friends, the fish and the frog in the classroom. Mr. Humphrey, my 6th grade teacher, then read a book to me. I decided to travel the world on the globe and also I play GeoSafari. The headphones were a little large for me but I managed. I spoke to George the monkey before going to lunch. Boy, was it good! Following that delicious lunch, I played on the Big Toy at recess which was really fun. Oops! I got in trouble talking too much in line and had to go to the principal's office for time out. I got a drink at the water fountain because I was so thirsty. I played Hide and Seek and hid in a can. I wrote on the chalkboard. Daniel, a student in my class, wasn't sure of some math questions so I helped him out. I had to blow my nose because with all this traveling I think I'm catching a cold. I went to play with Dusty who really was not interested in posing with me!

I played with Butterscotch who thought I was something to eat and I feared for my life. Thank goodness it was finally time to catch the bus home. My mother teaches piano and her student, Katie, was really excited to play a duet with me. I was hungry now that it was suppertime so I ate some chicken nuggets. For an evening trip, I went to Tamarack, a wonderful arts and crafts center for West Virginia artists to sell their wares. After returning home, I decided I wanted to climb a tree before I visited all my doll friends back in the house. I spoke on the phone to my twin brother, Larry, to find out what he was doing on his travels. I thought he had better not be having more fun than I am or I would be jealous. I read a book with the bunny, Violet. I took a trip to the refrigerator with my favorite doll, Theresa. I watched a movie next on the television set, played a game of pool but found out that I am not very good. I then played Lite 3 which is a really hard game to beat. I got so tired from all that I did today that I decided to go to sleep and that was the end of my incredibly busy day. by LAURA

Wednesday, 16 April 1997 13:01:26

First, Looney was in the gifted class with all of us. He sharpened a pencil and was watching the class. Since we were working on the computers creating our "Monster of the Month" pages, Looney got to choose which monster he wanted for the month of June (Luckily he chose my monster). While he was down in gifted he hung out with Jarrod some more (He liked him a lot). When we all went back up to regular class, it was time for music. Looney got to sing in the All County Chorus and was hangin' with Kate. They got tired of that and took a nap. After school, he went to Lauren's house where he played in the yard. Looney and I went to my nephews' house, Tristan and Toddy. Toddy's friend and cousin were there, Nikki and Taylor. After that we went home and he hung out with his friends. Then we both went to bed, too tired to do anything else!! THE END!! by Kerri

Thursday, 17 April 1997 15:43:10

Subject: Looney's last day in WV
Looney's Diary
Yesterday was April 16, 1997. I went to the 6th grade classroom at Maxwell Hill School and my picture was taken on the artwork a girl named Krystal drew and colored. My picture was also taken on the artwork of a pool of penguins a girl named Laura drew and colored. Then, I went to Wal-Mart and looked around in the toy section. A picture was taken of me in the Barbie aisle. I Iooked scared, but I really was not. Next, I went to Stone & Thomas. I took my picture in the big girls' section and in the little babys' section. I went to my friend's house and had my picture taken while I was jumping on the trampoline. A mirrored picture of me and Krystal was taken and then finally, after a long afternoon, I took a nap. by KRYSTAL

I'm being packaged up again for a long trip to Savannah, Georgia. I've enjoyed my days in Beckley, West Virginia, and perhaps some day I can return again for another visit. The mountains here are beautiful but I long for my ocean view and the salty air!

April 21 - 25, 1997 - Wilton, IA

Wilton Community School - Denise Austin's class
[Looney Lester 08 - 3,191 miles traveled]

Monday, 21 April 1997 14:25:24 -0600

Dear 4th Graders,

We are all excited! Looney Lester has arrived! I picked him up in the school mail on Friday and he is into our "Wilton Adventures" already! I have three 5th grade classes so Lester will be rotated among them. He will spend 30 minutes with each student and the student will be responsible for journaling where and what Looney Lester has been doing so I will be able to report back to you! This will be a busy week - it is Earth Week and we have many activities planned. We will be on a field trip on Thursday so we will be able to show Lester the birthplace of Herbert Hoover, the only President to be born in Iowa! Hopefully we will get a good picture of Lester with President Hoover!!

Lester has already met our principal, Mrs. Kalleson, and ate a birthday lunch with her. He was also a hit at our student leader meeting which he attended with Kim. Thank you for sharing your pictures with us. Boston is important to our study of American History. It was fun to see some of the places we had learned about! Thanks again for giving us an opportunity to share in the fun!
Denise Austin, Wilton Fifth Grade

Tuesday, 22 April 1997 15:12:50 -0600

Subject: Tuesday with Lester

Dear 4th graders,

Lester has had an exciting day! Today he rotated with the 5-B section. He listened to an Iowa State Naturalist speak to us about endangered and threatened species in Iowa. The barn owl was the endangered bird that surprised us the most. Looney was a little uncomfortable when the turtle and the snake passed by! Looney also helped with the student leader project today. Student leaders had to squish all the milk cartons from lunch (over 600) in our K-6 building so they can be recycled. In art, Lester helped us draw fish and flowers with pastels. On Wednesday we have more earth day activities... stay tuned!

Mrs. Austin's 5th Grade, Wilton, Iowa
Thursday, 24 April 1997 14:04:21 -0600

Subject: Thursday at the Presidential Museum

Dear 4th Graders,

We just returned from
West Branch - the birthplace of our 31st President, Herbert Hoover. Looney Lester had a great time! He enjoyed the bus ride and the trip through the museum to learn about Hoover's life. They also had a special exhibit about the 1950's there. We couldn't take pictures, but Looney even sat in a real pair of Elvis' shoes and sat beside an original Barbie Doll! He visited a blacksmith shop as Herbert Hoover's dad was a blacksmith! Lester looked goofy inside of a horses hoof! We took a picture on your camera of Lester on a statue of ISIS - a statue that was sent in appreciation to Hoover by the people of Belgium! Hoover fed the starving in Belgium in World War I and saved many from dying. It was this fame that vaulted him into the Presdency. Hoover gets a bad rap sometimes because he was President when the stock market crashed. He re-entered politics after WWII once again to get food to the war torn countries of Europe. Isis is veiled because life is a mystery. In one hand she holds the key - a key to life and in the other hand three flames standing for the present, the past, and the future! We visited Hoover's birth cottage and a one room country school house. We also sat in the Quaker Meeting House that Hoover would have attended. Lester even saw part of the Berlin Wall in the Hoover Museum! I think Lester is a bit tired after such a long day; we sure enjoyed having him with us! One more day and we will ship him on!

Wilton 5th Graders

Friday, 25 April 1997 14:55:56 -0600

Subject: Last Day in Wilton

After school on Thursday we took Lester to our historic site in Wilton - the Candy Kitchen! It is an old fashioned ice cream and soda shop! We sat Lester in a booth with Ashley and Allison and Mrs. Austin's two boys. We took a picture of it for you - in the same booth that Brooke Shields sat in when she visited! Looney wanted a lick of our ice cream and a drink of our cherry cokes, but we didn't allow it! We also introduced Lester to all 10 beenie babies from McDonalds - what fun! Lester plastered dragons in art today and was introduced at our Earth Week wrap up! He went with us on Wednesday to clean up downtown and decorate the sidewalks with earth week slogans! We have enjoyed Lester and enjoyed learning about Boston...thanks for the opportunity and we hope to do it again! We are also sending you the front page of a Quad-City Times. Davenport and the Mississippi River are very close to us and you can see that the flood wall they built to protect a minor-league stadium held! The flood was the big news of the week here - a lot of problems for those living on the river!

Have a great spring,
Mrs. Austin and the Wilton 5th graders

April 28 - May 2, 1997 - Savannah, GA

Largo-Tibet Elementary School - Barbara Haley's 4th graders
[Looney Larry 09 - 6,987 miles traveled]

Wednesday, 7 May 1997 23:07:30 -0400 (EDT)

Dear Marjorie,

I'm very sorry about the lack of communication. Mrs. Haley's class did receive the lobster and have had a great time showing him around Savannah. (I think they were sorry he had to leave before they could take him to try to catch a glimpse of Clint Eastwood, who's directing a movie being filmed here!)

Barbara has been absent due to illness, but I know she planned to send the lobster to his next destination last Friday. Our e-mail access was down for more than a week, so we're way behind on our correspondence.

The lobster arrived while I was absent with an upper respiratory infection and bronchitis, so I was unaware that the class had received him until it was almost time for him to be sent on.

The children really enjoyed this activity. Please keep our school in mind for similar activities next year.

Again, I apologize for the anxiety our lack of response caused you. (Believe me, we have been just as frustrated, trying to deal with one modem in the entire school and an Internet connection that leaves much to be desired!)

Elaine Lester, Savannah, Georgia

Message from Mrs. Haley:


I have tried for two weeks to get you. I kept getting a fatal error message. Looney Larry traveled 392 miles from Beckley, WV, to
historic Savannah, GA. At first he seemed a little tired. I am not surprised because he has now traveled 6,987 miles since leaving his home in Boston.

Larry had a great learning experience in Savannah. He visited many historical sites, visited in students' homes, went on a field trip to Oatland Island to study Tidal Creek ecology, helped the music teacher prepare the 4th grade chorus for a concert, and worked in our booth selling pizza at Largo-Tibet's multicultural night.

Larry felt right at home in Savannah because our historic city is on the Atlantic coast. It rained the first couple of days Larry was here. However, the week ended with sunshine and temperatures in the low to high seventies. He will be leaving Savannah on May 7--destination: Memphis, TN.

My students enjoyed Larry's visit, and they were sad to see him leave. Thank you for letting us participate in this project.

Barbara Haley, 4th Grade
Largo-Tibet Elementary School, Savannah, GA

P.S. You will receive a packet from us soon. Have a great summer!

May 5 - 9, 1997 - - Nehawka, NE

Conestoga Elementary School - Mark Welch's 4th graders
[Looney Lester 09 - 3,455 miles traveled]

Thursday, 1 May 1997 16:59:17 -0500

Dear 4th Graders,

Lester has safely arrived to Nehawka, Nebraska.

April 30, 1997 - When I arrived at Conestoga Elementary it was raining. Today I spent time with a girl named, Emily. First we read "Little House on the Prairie." Then we worked on a puzzle. Emily helped put me into my sweater because I told her I got cold. When we were done reading, we took a spelling test and the words were very hard.

Later we took notes for a Social Studies test. We talked about the Oregon and Mormon Trails. Then we organized Emily's Social Studies folder. After that we played a game called Heads Up 7 Up.

We went to lunch and ate spagetti. It was delicious. Then I had to go meet a different person, so I told Emily goodbye.

Following lunch due to rain, we had an indoor recess. I played with Aaron and Kyle. Their teacher is Mr. Welch. But today we had a sub named, Mrs. Criner. She is a very nice person. Aaron and I played checkers with Kyle. The game never ended so we had to call it a tie.

When recess ended a girl named, Sami had to go the office. She was the principal's assistant. This is when you get to run notes from the office into the classrooms. You also get to help answer the phone.

In the afternoon we learned about the Louisanna Purchase. We learned how Lewis and Clark went to make the purchase from a French explorer named, Napoleon.

During math we discussed liters and milliliters.

In health, we each discussed our family trees. We learned about the different types of things that one can inherit, like contagious diseases and how to best protect our body.

After school I went home to spend the evening with Zack. Tomorrow is Zack's birthday. Zack, his stepdad, and I went on a bike ride. Zack received a golf set from his grandmother for his birthday.

When we went to sleep Zack set his alarm clock for 2:30 A.M. Central Time. He did this because he was born at 12:30 Pacific Time. In the morning we got up at 6:20 and rode the bus to school.

Mon, 19 May 1997 16:48:13 -0500


Before wrapping up my stay in Nebraska, I was able to attend their 4th Grade field trip. We rode the bus into Lincoln, Nebraska's capitol city where we had a tour.

First, we toured the Nebraska State Capitol. The capitol is a four hundred foot tower of steel framework and stone resting in huge concrete. The outside of the building has many stone carvings. One of them includes the writing of the United States Constitution.

Inside the building there was lots to see. At the Capitol we visited the Legislative Chamber. We were even able to see the legislature in action. Originally when the capitol was built, they constructed two chambers in which the senators could meet. However, the senators now only need one room in which to meet. Nebraska is the only state which has a one-house legislature. The word for this system is unicameral.

Next we stopped off at Hardees for lunch. The most challenging parts at lunch were parking the bus in the lot, getting all 100 of us through the line and eating in just 45 minutes. We did it!

Then it was off to the State Museum. It is located right on the University of Nebraska campus. At the museum we had a guided tour on what pioneer life was like on the prairie. We also learned about early life in Native American tribes. We even had the opportunity to grind corn as the Native Americans once did.

I had fun while staying in Nebraska. So much fun I left a little late (OOPS!). Hopefully I can get back on track. Louisanna, here I come!!!!!

Love, Lester

P.S. Did you know Arbor Day was founded in Nebraska City? I am bringing back a newspaper which tells all about it.

Visit "The Online Journal and Itinerary of Looney Larry and Looney Lester Lobsters."

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