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Literacy Looking at Realistic Fiction
Real People . . .

Key focus:

Many stories we read show events that might have happened to us. These stories include characters that might react to their parents, relatives, and friends as we might behave.

The characters, the way they behave in different situations, and the growth they show in facing various situations make the characters believable to us. This is realistic fiction.

Read an entire realistic fiction book of your grade level and answer the questions listed below in complete sentences. Use your opinions where applicable.

You will be marked on the depth of your answers which should show an understanding of the book's theme and the characters' actions.

  1. Write the title and author of the book. Underline the title.
  2. Describe a situation involving the main character where a decision had to be made by the character. (Cite the page numbers.) Tell in 4-5 sentences what the situation was and what decision the character made.
  3. In 3-4 sentences, describe the main character's personality as if you were telling me about someone whom you were going to introduce to me. Include what you consider to be the character's "good points" and "not-so-good points." (Cite the page numbers where you got your facts.)
  4. In 2-3 sentences, describe a problem situation you might be in where you would want the main character of this book to help you out citing page numbers where character traits are mentioned. Explain how the main character might be able to assist you.
  5. If you received a letter from the main character telling you that he/she was coming to spend the day with you in current Boston, what would you plan to do with the character on that special day that would coincide with the interests of that character? Describe the day and events in 3-4 sentences supporting the things you chose with events and interests from the book ( cite pages) that would justify entertaining the main character in the way you planned.
  6. If you were asked to write a letter to the author of this book expressing your opinion about a part of the story that you felt was unbelievable, which incident would you select (cite page numbers) and how would you suggest that the author have written it to be believable?

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