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Literacy Exploring the genre of mystery
The Mystery
Key focus:

Most mysteries include some of the following elements: crime, suspense, detective, alibi, and clues.

In the first person, write a letter to the author of your mystery novel. In the letter, evaluate the mystery you read, praising or criticizing the author for his/her use of one of those elements.

Refer to a minimum of three situations which effectively or ineffectively demonstrate the author's use of the mystery elements.

Suggested format:

Begin with a background paragraph which should include the author, title, setting, and main characters you will be highlighting. Include an explanation of the plot of the mystery.

Present a thesis statement which includes your topic, your position, your reason for the position you will take in answering the key question, and the supporting details you will use to explain your position. (Focus on - - the author's success or failure to write an effective mystery story.)

Present paragraphs including a minimum of three effective or ineffective uses of mystery elements; an explanation of why you felt they were effective or ineffective; praise or criticism for the author. (Use one direct quotation and two indirect references with page numbers.)

Close with a paragraph which restates your thesis statement and highlights any new or insightful ideas or comments you revealed about your original statement or suggestions you might have for the author.

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