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Teaching Children Social Studies

Focus: Student Writing

What REALLY happened on that winter March 5, 1770 day in Boston? How accurate was Paul Revere's engraving? As a person living in Boston town, write a letter to a friend or relative who did not know what had happened.

March, 1770

Dear Julia of Plymouth, England,

How are you today? I'm fine. Well, I'm just writing to you about the incident on King Street, about what happened to some people, and about the noise and chaos that went around. There was a lady who interviewed me also. I think the soldier caused it and also the boy as well.

Now, about what happened. It was late at night on March 5. Snow was still on the ground. I was laying down and all of a sudden the church bells rang so I went downstairs to get the bucket, thinking it was a fire. I ran outside and saw the chaos. Standing there was a mob of people. Some people were with sticks. Some people were throwing snow. I heard people saying, "Put up your cutlass, damn you." Later that night I ran to my room. I could still see the chaos. Then I heard, "no fire." The soldiers, I guess, thought that he said "fire." There at the site six to eight people were killed. Some were just wounded but wounded very badly.

Now I just wrote to you to tell you what happened. I will write to you another time. Bye.

Sincerely yours,

Mariah D. Panther Washington (IC)

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