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OBSTACLES - Hand out before the second meeting resumes

Abigail Tavern - - Your husband, Zeb, was captured by Continental troops on his way back from a trading mission. He has ended up on a Tory prison ship and has been reported dead.

Chris Tavern - - Your brother, Matt, currently a soldier in the Continental army is to be shot by the Continental army. The charge was for stealing Tavern cattle from the Tavern barn.

Mr. Cyrus Butcher - - Your son, Ned has been shot by Tory troops while he was on a buying trip for you. The troops mistook him for a rebel Patriot and shot him.

Jonah Inkspot - - A Stamp Tax is to be placed on all newspapers.

Mr. Ed Banker - - The Exchequer payroll has been captured by the Patriots. You have no Loyalist money to deal with. The Patriots are now spending this money in addition to the commissary scrip they have used in the past.


General X. Ample - - He was assassinated by his own men.

Matt Tavern - - He was in a Patriot jail.

Zeb Tavern - - He died on a Tory prison ship.

Ned Butcher - - He was shot by Tory troops.

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